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The Potteries, Newcastle and District Directory - 1907
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Burslem - Public Institutions - 1907

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Courts of Justice

Magistrates for the Borough

(Separate of the Peace granted December 3rd, 1900)

The Mayor.
Aldermen: Wm. Bratt, W. W. Dobson, J Wilcox Edge, T. Edwards.
Councillor N. Parkes.
Messrs. T. Arrowsmith, Edmund Leigh, J. Beardmore, William Oldham, Ralph Dain, R. Sudlow, E. Edwards, M.P., Edward Walley,
William Grant, William Wood, T. F. Wood, Judge of the County Court.

Clerk to the Magistrates.—Arthur Ellis. 
Assistant Clerk.— H. R Fanner.

Petty Sessions are held every week day at the Town Hall at 10 30 a.m.
Applications for Summonses and Warrants taken from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.
Licensing Sessions.—Held annually on February 7th, March 7th, April 22nd, June 10th, July 29th, September 16th, November 4th, and December 16th.
Appeals Against Poor Rates.—April 22nd, July 29th, September 16th, and December 16th.
Revising Jurors' Lists.—September 30th.


The Burslem Branch Office is situated in Moorland-road, where summonses, &c, may be issued, but all sittings for the Burslem district are held at the Chief Offices, Cheapside, Hanley.



Burslem Corporation

Date of Incorporation: 27th June 1878.
Population (Census 1901): 38,766
Ratable Value: £142,143  Area:1,862 acres

Number of Voters on Burgess Roll
North Ward.......        2,615
South Ward......         2,037
East Ward......           2,329



Ald. Thos Hulme 28th Aug., 1878
Counc. Jas. Maddock 10th Nov., 1879-80
Ald. W. Boulton 9th Nov., 1881, and 1892
Counc. Thomas Hulme 9th Nov., 1882
Counc. Geo. B. Ford 9th Nov., 1883-84
Counc. Samuel Oldham 9th Nov., 1885
Ald Spencer Lawton 9th Nov., 1886, 1893, and 1894
Counc. Jos. Robinson 9th Nov., 1887
Ald. T. Francis Wood 9th Nov., 1888
Counc. J. Wilcox Edge 9th Nov., 1889-90
Counc. Robert Sudlow Nov. 9th, 1891
Ald. Thos. Wood Nov. 9th, 1895
Ald. Thos. Arrowsmith Nov. 9th, 1896
Counc. W. W. Dobson Nov. 9th, 1897, and 1905
Aid, Wm. Bratt Nov. 9th, 1898
Counc. E. Edwards Nov. 9th, 1899
Counc. J. Bowden Nov. 9th, 1900
Counc. W. Lovatt Nov. 9th, 1901-02
Counc. J. W. Brindley Nov. 9th, 1903
Thomas Hulme, Esq. Nov. 9th, 1904
Samuel Gibson, Esq. Nov. 9th, 1906

Members of the Borough Council

Mayor: Samuel Gibson, Esq
Deputy Mayor, Alderman W. W. Dobson.


William Bratt (first elected. 1897) 1910
William Cartlidge (1904) 1910
W. W. Dobson (1906, April) 1910
J. Wilcox Edge (1901; re-elected, July, 1906) 1907
Thomas Edwards (1903, Oct.) 1907
Sydney Malkin (1906, June) 1907


North Ward—  Retires.
J. H. Broadhurst (first elected, 1906) 1909
Samuel Finney (1903) 1909
A. H. Gibson (1906, Oct.) 1907
Samuel Johnson (1903, Sept.) 1908
Thomas Mitchell (1903, February) 1907
George Wade (1894; re-elected, October, 1906)  1908
South Ward-
Frederick Averill (1905, Oct ) 1909
J. Paterson Brodie (1904, Dec.) 1908
Samuel Ford (1904)  1907
Noah Parkes (1903)  1909
Daniel Porter (1901. June) 1908
Thomas Willett (1901) 1907
East Ward-
Stephen Chad wick (1906. July) 1907
J. Henry Edwards (1906) 1909
T. S. Green (1906, June) 1908
John Jackson, (1906, June)  1909
Wm. E. Robinson (1904)  1907
Joseph Sargeant (1897) 1908

The Council Meetings are held on the Monday after the first Wednesday in each month at 5 p.m.; Quarterly Meetings on the Monday after the first Wednesday in February, May, and September, at the same hour, and 9th November at 12 noon.
The Mayor is ex-officio a member of all Committees, except the Education Committee, and is also Chairman of the General Purposes Committee.

Corporation Officials

Town Clerk.—  Arthur Ellis.
Borough Engineer and Surveyor.—  Frederick Bettany.
Treasurer.—  R. A. Pippet.
Auditor.—  J. Clement Bladen.
Medical Officer of Health.—  C. H . Mott.
Gas Manager.—  Edward Jones.
Secretary to Education Committee.—  A. T. Sheldon.
Borough Accountant.—  Joseph Wallbank. 
Borough Electrical Engineer. —  Ashton Bremner, A.M.I.E.E.
Sanitary Inspector.—  W. Martin.
Lady Sanitary Inspector.—  E. S. Cotton. 
Matron Isolation Hospital.—  L. Garton. 
Gas Rate Collector.—  William Handcock. 
Rate Collector.—  John Hughes.
Librarian.—  S. B . Baker.
Assistant Surveyor.—  J. R. Heath. 
Assistant Accountant.—  J. L. Hollins. 
Registrar of Cemetery.—  George Bate. 
Building Inspector.—  Mark Simpson. 
Market Tolls Inspector.—  E. C. King.
Park Superintendent.—  J. McPhail.
Baths Superintendent.—  W. Bratt.
Hall Keeper and Mayor's Sergeant.—  T. W. Boardman


Returning Officers 

North Ward.—   Alderman W. Bratt.
South Ward.—  Alderman J. Wilcox Edge. 
East Ward.—    Alderman T. Edwards.


Borough Loans 
M arch 31st, 1906.

Charged on General District Rate.— Original loans, £157,541; amount owing, £77,755
Charged on Borough Rate.— Original loans, £28,148; amount owing, £10,662.
Charged on Gas Fund and General District Rate.— Original loans, £123,000; amount owing, £93,709.
Sinking Fund.— £1,349.
Charged on Electric Lighting Fund and General District Rate.— Original loans, £26,500; amount owing, £26,500.

Total present indebtedness, £208,625.
One penny in the £ produces for General District Rate £578.
One penny in the £ produces for Borough Rate £592.


Committees for 1906-7

General Purposes, consisting of the whole of the members of the Council.

Ordinary meetings held on Thursday before the last Wednesday in each month, at 3 p.m. Chairman, Councillor Johnson; vice- chairmen, Councillor Mitchell; Aldermen Cartlidge and J. Wilcox Edge, Councillors Broadhurst, Ford, Jackson, and Robinson.

Markets, Town Hall, and Baths. —
Ordinary meetings held on the Friday before the last Wednesday in each month, at 2 30 p.m. Chair-man, Alderman Bratt; vice-chairman, Councillor Sergeant; Alderman T. Edwards, Councillors Averill, Edwards, Ford, Mitchell, and Porter.

Ordinary meetings held on the Moaday before the last Wednesday in each month, at 2 30 p.m. Chairman, Alderman Cartlidge; vice-chairman, Councillor Parkes; Alderman Bratt, Councillors Finney, Averill, Jackson, Chadwick, and Sergeant.

Isolation Hospital.—
Ordinary meetings held on the Tuesday before the last Wednesday in each month, at 3 p.m. Chairman, Alderman Cartlidge: vice-chairman, Councillor Parkes; Councillors Broadhurst, Finney, Johnson, Mitchell, Wade, and Willett.

Sewage Disposal.—
Chairman, Alderman Cartlidge; vice-chairman, Councillor Parkes; Alderman Malkin, Councillors Averill, Brodie, Broadhurst, Finney, and Jackson.

Public Libraries and Museum.— 
Ordinary meetings held on the Tuesday before the last Wednesday in each month, at 5 30 p.m. Chairman, Alderman J.  ilcox Edge; vice-chairman, Councillor Porter; Councillors Chadwick, Finney, Wade, and Willett; co-opted members, Dr. S. King Alcock and Rev. W. S. Lamb.

Electric Lighting.—
Ordinary meetings held on the last Wednesday in each month, at 12 noon. Chairman, Councillor Willett; vice-chairman, Councillor Green; Aldermen Dobson, J. Wilcox Edge, and Malkin, Councillors Edwards, Gibson, and Parkes.

Park and Cemetery.—
Ordinary meetings held on the last Wednesday in each month at 2 30 p.m. Chairman, Alderman T. Edwards; vice-chairman, Councillor Robinson; Councillors Chadwick. Edwards, Ford, Gibson, Sargeant, and Willett.

Ordinary meetings held on the Thursday before the first Wednesday in each month at 2 30 p.m. Chairman, Alderman Dobson; vice-chairman, the Mayor; Aldermen Bratt and T. Edwards, Councillors Brodie, Broadhurst, Green, Jackson, Johnson, and Porter.

Ordinary meetings held on the Friday before the last Wednesday in each month, at 2 30 p.m. Chairman, Alderman Malkin; vice-chairman, Councillor Brodie; Alderman Dobson and J. Wilcox Edge, Councillors Ford, Green, Johnson, Porter, Robinson, and Wade.

Ordinary meetings held on the Monday before the first Wednesday in each month, at 5 p.m. Chairman, Alderman T. Edwards; vice-chairman, Councillor Sargeant; Aldermen Bratt. and Dobson, Councillors Edwards, Gibson, and Green.

Burgesses' Auditors.—   Messrs. George Brind- ley and John Kent.

Mayor's Auditor.—        Councillor Thos. Mitchell.


Miss Jane Maddock's Endowment and Thomas Leicester's Endowment

Co-optative.— J. Wilcox Edge and G.W. Garlick.
Representative.— Frederic Harrison, M. A. 
William Oldham, J.P., Rev. J. V. Hymers, F. E. Kitchener, Alderman W. Cartlidge, Wm. Lovatt, Alderman Malkin, Councillor T. Willett, and E. Leigh, J.P., C.C.

Life Governor.—Mr. Thomas Leicester. 
Clerk.—Mr. A. Ellis.
Total gross yearly income, £204 6s.

Governors of the Haywood Charity

Chairman, Mr. T. F. Wood. 
Co-optative: Dr. S. K. Alcock, T. Arrowsmith, John Heath, and E. Beardmore. 
Ex-officio: S. Gibson, Mayor; and Alderman W. W. Dobson. 
Representative: J. C. Bailey, Aldermen T. Edwards and S. Malkin. Clerk, F. C. Powell.

Capital, December 31st. 1906, invested in India £3 per cent. 
Stock, £23,662 11s. 9d. Gross yearly income, £709 17s. 4d.
Also the Thomas Leicester Fund for convalescent patients of £1,580, invested in New Consols. 
Gross yearly income, £39 10s.

Local Members of the County Council 

Aldermen W. W. Dobson and J. Wilcox Edge, E. Edwards, Esq., M.P., Edmund Leigh, Esq.

Police Department 

Chief Superintendent.—Samuel Hicklin. 
Chief Clerk.—Sergeant J. Hall.
Chief Inspector.—C. Hickson.
Chief Detective Inspector.—A. Abbotts. 
Chief Office.— Liverpool-road.

Smallthorne Sub-division.—Officer in charge, Sergeant P.Taylor.
Wolstanton Sub-division.— Sergeant R. W illiams.
Bucknall Sub-division.—Sergeant A. Dix. 

Total strength of force.—45 officers and men. 
Police Surgeon.—Dr. Russell, Waterloo-road.

Corporation Fire Brigade

Central Fire Station.— Scotia-road. 
Captain.— Frederick Bettany. 
Lieutenant.— S. Tonkinson.
First Engineer.— J. Woodcock.

The following appliances are kept at the Central Station:— One steam fire engine, one hose tender, one fire escape, one hose reel, one hose cart and hand chemicals.
Strength of Force.—17 officers and men.
Alarms can be given at all police stations, or by nearest telephone.

Corporation Baths

Engineer.—  Frederick Bettany. 
Superintendent.—  W. R. Bratt.

These baths are situated in Moorland-road, and contain:—Swimming, private, Russian, vapour, plunge, shampooing room., hot rooms, and Turkish baths.
The baths are open as follows:—October to March, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; April to September, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.


The Corporation Cemetery is situated in High-lane, and is open to the public daily from sunrise to sunset.

Times of Burial.—Consecrated side, 3 p.m.; unconsecrated side, 3 30 p.m.; Roman Catholic, 3 30 p.m.

Notice of an intended interment must be delivered (on the form provided) between the hours of 10 in the forenoon and 4 in the afternoon, at the Registrar's office, at least two clear days previous to any interment in a
grave, exclusive of the day when the notice is given and the day when the interment is to take place, and also exclusive of Sunday.

If the interment is to take place in a vault or brick grave, then three days' clear notice, exclusive of Sunday, must be given. Notice and applications respecting burials will not be received on Sundays.


Electricity and Gasworks

Electricity -

(By authority obtained in 1898.)
Number of lamps connected to main, 7,250; number of consumers, 130.

The price charged for current is as follows:— 7d. and 2d. per unit for maximum demand, or 5d. (flat).

The generating station is situated in Scotia road, and the output for the last year end was 157,732 units.

Electrical Engineer. — Ashton Bremner, A.M.I.E.E.


Gasworks -

Established by the Burslem and Tunstall Gas Company in 1837, and was purchased by the Burslem Corporation in 1876, for £80,000.

Gas-making Station.—Longport.
Price of gas.—2s. 6d. per 1,000 feet.

Gas Engineer, Manager, and Secretary.— Edward Jones. Offices.—Longport.



The St. John's Market is situated in Market-place, and is open for the sale of fruit and vegetables, provisions, confectionery, and miscellaneous goods generally, on Saturdays, from 6 30 a.m. to 10 30 p.m. 

The Butchers' Shambles are situated also in Market-place, and are open for the sale of meat, Mondays, 8 9 p.m.; Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 10 30 p.m. 

Markets Superintendent.—E. C. King. Office.—Butchers' Shambles.


Parks and Recreation Grounds

Burslem Borough Park is situated in Moorland-road, and bounded on the north by Hamil-road and on the east by Park-road. The total area is 20 acres, and it possesses a lake covering an area of half an acre. 

It was opened in October, 1894, by the Princess Louise (Marchioness of Lorne). It is open to the public from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the summer months, and from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the winter months.
Park Superintendent.—J. McPhail.

The Grange Recreation Ground lies to the north of Grange Collieries, and on the east side of Waterloo-road, and contains an area of 7 acres.

Thre is also a Recreation Ground adjoining the Park, east of Burslem Station, the principal frontage being in Hamil-road: size, one acre; and another in Newcastle-street.

Wolstanton and Burslem Union

The parishes of Wolstanton and Burslem were by an Order and declaration of the Poor Law Commissioners for England and Wales, united for the administration of the Laws for the Relief of the Poor, from the 2nd day of April, 1838, by the name of the above Union, and comprises the parishes of Burslem, Wolstanton, Goldenhill, Kidsgrove, Newchapel, Chell, Chesterton, Silverdale, Tunstall, and Milton.


Guardians (1906-7)

Chairman.—George K. Downing. 
Vice-chairman.—James Mollart.

Parish of Burslem.—East Ward: H. G. Ball,
Ed. Walley, and William Wood. South Ward: Ed. Beardmore, H. E. Hopkin, and John Kent. 
North Ward: T Arrowsmith, Fred Hayward, and Geo. Wright.

Parish of Chell.—East Ward: James Mollart.
South Ward: Samuel Sproston.

Parish of Chesterton.—East Ward: John Edmund Brittain. 
South Ward: William Statham.

Parish of Goldenhill.—Rev. Granville Rowe Bailey.

Parish of Kidsgrove.—Dennis Richmond. 

Parish of Milton.—John Thomas Heaton.

Parish of Newchapel.—Arthur Baddeley.

Parish of Silverdale.—East Ward: Geo. K. Downing. 
South Ward: Thomas Cope.

Parish of Tunstall.—East Ward: George Baker and James Lindop. 
South Ward: Rev. P. J. Ryan and Joseph Hill.
Board Room and Offices.—Price-street, Burslem.


Union Officers

Poor Law Inspector.—R. F. Dansey, The Sheet, Ludlow.
Clerk to the Guardians.—Joseph A. Lowndes. 
Assistant Clerk.—J. E. Lowndes.
Master of the Workhouse.—W. Sargent. 
Matron of the Workhouse.—Mrs. Sargent.
Chaplain of the Workhouse.—Rev. T. Harrison.

Relieving Officers.—

Burslem, F. Davenport; 
Tunstall, South, W. H. Ball: 
Tunstall, North, W. H. Bailey; 
Wolstanton, W. W. Bailey.

Workhouse Medical Officer.—W. Partington, M.B.

District Medical Officers.—

Burslem, S.W., W. S. Shields-; 
Burslem, N.E., J. Russell, M.B.; 
Tunstall, W. Partington. M.B.; 
Kidsgrove. &c , A. B. Great-Rex M.D.; 
Wolstanton, J. P . Massingham; 
Chesterton, P. J. Byrne; 
Silverdale, C. F. Daly; 
Milton, W. R. Walton.

Overseers' Department.- Superintendant collector, W . Walklate; assistant collector, C. A. Tomlinson; writing clerk, J. W. Longson.

Poor Rate Collectors.—

Burslem, S. G. Heath; 
Burslem and Milton, H. H. Rose; 
Tunstall, W. Clarke; 
Wolstanton, &c, T. Budd; 
Kidsgrove, &c, E. R. Stubbs.

Vaccination Officer.—H. W alklate.

Registrars of Births and Deaths.—

Burslem, F. C. Powell; 
Tunstall, E. J. Oliver; 
Wolstanton, H. Walklate.

Registrars of Marriages.—

Burslem, Joseph Dawson; 
Tunstall, E. J. Oliver; 
Wolstanton, H. Walklate.

The Union Workhouse is situated at Chell. 

Registrar's Office, Burslem, 1, Liverpool-road.


Co-operative Societies


Burslem Industrial Co-operative Society, Ltd. —

Registered office, works, and warehouse, Newcastle-street. 

Officers of the Society : President, Jas. Stanway; manager, H. A. Wood; secretary, Fred Hayward; bankers, Co-operative Wholesale Society, Ltd.; auditor, T. Brodrick (C.W.S.), Manchester. 

Number of shareholders, 1,400; share capital, £5,400; reserve fund, £400; annual sales, £27,685.


The Churches

Church of England


Diocese of Lichfield
Archdeaconry of Stoke


Bishop.—The Right Rev. the Hon. Augustus Legge, D.D.
Assistant Bishop.—The Right Rev. the Hon. Adelbert John Robert Anson, D.D.
Archdeacon.—The Ven. John Herbert Crump, M.A., Hartshill, Stoke.
Bishop's Secretary.— R. Redmayne, B.A ., LL.B., Lichfield.
Registrar of the Diocese.—H. C. Hodson, The Close, Lichfield.


Burslem Parish Church (St. John the Baptist) is situated in Regent-street West. 

Rector, Rev. A. Williams, The Rectory. Curate, Rev. W. C. Unwin. Churchwardens, E. W. Cartlidge and S. G. Heath. 

Nett value of living, £335. Sittings, 850. Seatings free.



Parish Church of the Holy Trinity, Sneyd. 

—Consecrated October 14th, 1852, has a fine interior of early English design. The building has been greatly improved and enriched during the incumbency of the present Vicar, who has been the means of erecting during the past five years, seventeen stained glass windows, representing Saints from the Acts of the Apostles and the early English Church. The fine east window, representing the Ascension, was given by R. Dain, J.P., of Burslem. 

The beautiful Mission Church of St. Werburga on the Hamil forms part of the parish of Sneyd. The Vicar, the Rev. Thomas Hervey Rabone, was instituted to the benefice on October 21st, 1901, and resides at Sneyd Vicarage, on the Waterloo-road. 

The Vicar holds the office of Surrogate for the diocese of Lichfield, and is Hon. Acting Chaplain of the Battalion 1st Vol. Prince of Wales' North Staffordshire Regiment. Curates, Rev. G. B. Bardsley, B.A., and Rev. T. E. Johnson, Greenhead House, Sneyd, Burslem. Churchwardens, R. Dain, J.P., and W. Fowell. 

Organist, Mr. W. C. Haylett, The Sytch. 
Choirmaster, Mr. T. Wood, Price-street, Burslem. 
Lay Reader, Mr. C. T. H. Phillips, Dartmouth-street. 
Verger, A. Simpson, William street. 

Value of living, £200 gross. Patron, Crown and Bishop, alternately.

Sittings, 600 Parish Church,  260 St. Werburga's Mission. 

Services— Holy Communion, 8 and 10 45; Matins and Litany, 10; Children's Service, 2 30; Service for Men, 4 to 4 30; Evensong and Sermon, 6 30; Daily Matins, 8; Evensong, 7 30; Thursdays and Saint Days, Holy Communion, 7 30. 

Hymn Book used, Ancient and Modern. 

The church is open for private prayer daily- 

Organisations in connection with the Church —Parochial Guilds, Brotherhood of St. Andrews, Boys' and Men's Bible Classes, Girls' and Women's Bible Classes.


St. Paul's Church  is situated in Church-square. 

Vicar, Rev. H. H. Redgrave, M.A., The Vicarage. Curate, Rev. W. D. Jones Churchwardens, C. H. Salt and J. W, Latimer. 

Net value of living, £240. Sittings, 2,000. Unappropriated seats, 600. Mission Church, Melbourne-street


Christ Church, Cobridge - The Church was built in 1840, and was enlarged, and the interior improved and completed in 1845, the accommodation being increased by removing the vestry from the chancel, and altering some of the seats at the east and west end of the building. 

A tablet in the Church,, which sets forth these facts, bears the names of Edward Whieldon, Rector of Burslem ; R. H. Bentley, Incumbent; and Ralph Hales, Churchwarden. 

Then came the Vicariates of the Rev. W. D. Lamb and the Rev. J. A. McMullen. 

During Mr. McMullen's incumbency there were some alterations, chiefly affecting the aisles and the side windows, in which coloured glass was then inserted. Since 1893 a series of efforts have been made to improve the Church and the Church Day Schools, and during his period the organ has been re-built and remodelled, with additional stops, being converted into one of the best organs in the borough of Burslem. The new Organist is Mr. F. P. Reynolds. 

The present Incumbent, the Rev. J. Wardle Alston, was preferred to the living in 1895. 

The idea of the restoration of the interior was first conceived in 1897, when an offer was made by the Lichfield Church Extension Society of a grant of £50 towards such a scheme. The plans of Mr. G. Lewis Jones, Burslem, were adopted for the new chancel, which adds 18ft. to the total length of the Church. The magnificent east window has been re-erected, and a window of Early English pattern introduced on each side of the chancel. 

Vicar, Rev. J. W. Alston, Cobridge Vicarage. 

Curate, Rev. W . D. Jones, 355, W aterloo-road, Hanley. 
Churchwardens, C. Bowen and W. Oldham, 

Organist, D. W. Barritt, Silverdale-road,, Wolstanton. 
Choirmaster, S. G. Downs, Russell-street, Wolstanton. 

Verger, S. Jones, 10, Mawdesley-street, Cobridge. 

Value of living, £295. Sittings, 350. 

Services— Sundays, 8 a.m., 10 45, 3 p m. (monthly), 6 30. Daily Prayer, 8 a.m.; Wednesdays, 7 30. 

Baptisms, Sunday, 4; Wednesday, 6 45. 

Hymn Book used, Hymns Ancient and Modern. 

Sunday and Day School Address, opposite Church. 

Other organisations in connection with the Church—

Band of Hope, Tuesday, 7; 
Women's Bible Class, Tuesday, 8; 
Brotherhood of St. Andrew, alternate Tuesdays, 8 45; 
Communicants' Guild, monthly; 
Men's Bible Class, Sunday, 2 30.



Roman Catholic


St. Peter's, Cobridge —The earliest record of the Catholics in Cobridge is that they were attended by Father Bridgwood, of Hoare Cross (now Wood Lane). A barn first served the purposes of a church, on what is known as the Grange. 

The Church of St. Peter's, Cobridge, was built in 1780 by Rev. J. Corns. This Church is known as the "Mother" Church of the Potteries. 

Present Rector, Rev. A. M. Mulligan, M.R. 

The Missions in the past served from St. Peter's, Cobridge, have been Newcastle, Stoke, Tunstall, Hanley, and Leek. 

The Chuch was enlarged by Very Rev. Dean Hendren. 

Place of Residence, St. Peter's Rectory, Waterloo-road, Cobridge. 

Seating Accommodation, 360. 

Services—Sundays, M., 8, 11; Cat. Inst., 3; Vs., 6 30; Holy Days, M. 7, 9, R.B., 7 30; Week Days, 8. 

Sunday and Day Schools Addresses— C. Elementary School, Waterloo- road; Sunday School, St. Peter's, Cobridge.


St. Joseph's Catholic School-Chapel —Erected in 1898. Two-storey building, the upper storey serving as temporary Church. 

Accommodation, 350.

Rector, Rev. J. V. Hymers, Hall-street, Burslem . 
Assistant Priest, Rev. R. W. Noonan, The Presbytery, Hall-street.

Choirmaster, Rev. J. V. Hymers, Hall-street. 

Sittings, 350. 

Services—Sunday, Mass at 8, 9 30, and 11 am.; Sunday School, 3 p.m.; Evening Service, 6 30. Week days, Mass at 8 a.m.; Thursday, Evening Service at 7 30. 

Missions— Smallthorne School-Chapel. Accommodation, 100. Service, Mass on Sundays at 9 30 a.m.



Free Churches



BAPTIST TABERNACLE, Liverpool-road.— Minister, Rev. A. L. Langley, F.R.H.S.



WOODALL MEMORIAL, Moorland-road, Burslem. —A Congregational cause was started in Burslem in 1820, and after several changes of abode erected a permanent building in Queen-street, which was opened on March 8th, 1838. This in turn has been replaced by a handsome building of stone and brick in a more central position. It was opened for public worship on October 18th, 1906, by Rev. P. T. Forsyth, D.D., of London.

The name of the late Mr. W. Woodall, M.P., is identified with the new building in grateful recognition of his long and faithful service in the interests of religion, of elementary and higher education, and of everything tending to the welfare of the people of the district. 

The Wycliffe Hall Congregational Sunday Schools and Mission in Furlong-lane were opened on July 19th, 1885. The cost of Church and Schools is upwards of £10,000, and a new organ yet remains to be added.

Minister, Rev. W. Stanley Lamb; 6, Dartmouth-street, Burslem. 
Organist, Mr. S. Lawton, 22, Ford-street, Shelton, Hanley. 
Choirmister, Mr. D. Dewsberry, Park-road, Burslem. 
Church Secretary, Mr. J. Whitmore, 1, Leonard-street, Burslem. 
Verger, Mr. Rathbone, Caulton-street, Scotia-road. 

Sittings, 510. 

Services—Sundays, 10 45 a.m. and 6 30 p.m.; Men's Meeting, 3 p.m.; Sunday School, 9 30 a.m. and 2 p.m.; Wednesday, 7 30 p.m. 

Hymn Book used, Congregational Church Hymnal. 

Sunday School address, Furlong-lane and Bath-street. 
Mission, Wycliffe Hall. 

Other Organisations in connection with the Church— 

Endeavour Societies: Junior, Monday, 7 p.m.; Senior, Wednesday, 8 30 p.m.; Band of Hope, Tues- day, 7 30 p.m .; Young People's Guild, Friday, 8 p.m.


Methodist New Connexion 

BURSLEM BETHEL.—The building which stands on Waterloo-road, and took the place of Zion Chapel in 1821 (the foundation stones being laid on June 19th in that year), was opened on December 26th, 1824. 

The Dr. Cooke Memorial School, at the rear, was opened in 1878, and was built at a cost of £1,550. It was the first modern school in the town. A large scheme to raise 1,000 guineas, to reduce the debt on the whole estate, has just been inaugurated. 

Minister, Rev. W. Bainbridge, 218, Waterloo-road, Burslem. 
Church Treasurer. Councillor W. E. Robinson. 
Secretary, Mr. Enoch Dunning. 
Organist, Mr. A. Heath, Waterloo-road. 
Choirmaster, Mr. J. Davison; Elm-street. 
Caretaker, Mr. Mountford, Bethel Chapel Yard, Waterloo-road

Sittings, 700. 

Services—Sunday, 10 30 a.m. and 6 p.m.; 
Pleasant Wednesday Evening, 8 p.m. 

Hymn Book used, Connexional.

There is also the Zion Methodist New Connexion Chapel.

PROVIDENCE CHAPEL, Cobridge.—The present building was erected in 1884. It stands on the site of a chapel built in 1822 and additional land, bringing the front on to Elder-road. 

There is an organ chamber, with seats for choir, also a gallery on three sides, bringing the seating capacity up to 650. The Chapel was renovated in 1903, and a new organ introduced. Beneath the chapel are schools and classrooms accommodating 400 scholars. 

The present Pastor is the Rev. Thos. Day, Elm-street, Cobridge. 
Stewards, Mr. W. Tunnicliffe, 7, Remer-street, and Mr. J. Harrison, North-road. 
Organist and Choirmaster, Mr. WT. T. Grocott, Wolstanton. 
Chapel-keeper, Mrs. Rhead, Grange-street. 

Services—10 45 a.m. and 6 p.m.


Primitive Methodist 

CLOWES MEMORIAL CHURCH, Church-Street, Burslem.— Erected in 1878. Institute adjoining erected in 1900, during the superintendency of Rev. J. W. Chappell. 

Church will seat 750. 

Superintendent Minister, Rev. J. Griffin, 73, Hall-street, Burslem. 
Junior Minister, Rev L. Hancock, 11, Silverdale-road, Wolstanton.
Organist, Mr. H. Hopkins, Hall-street. 
Choirmaster, Mr. J. Washington, Hall-street. 
Chapel-keeper, Mr. J. Murray, 30. Church-street. 

Services— Sunday, morning and evening, and Tuesday evening. 

Hymn Book used, Primitive Methodist Hymnal. 

Sunday School address. Institute, Church-street. 

Other Organisations in connection with the Church—
Bible Class for Men, Sunday afternoon, 2 15; president, Mr. W. Cartlidge.

Other Primitive Methodist Churches are situated in Albion-street, Hamil-road, and Sneyd-street.


Salvation Army

Barracks, Brindley-street. Officer, Captain Breeze
Barracks, Hall-street. Captain, T. Williams.


Wesleyan Methodist

WESLEYAN METHODIST CHURCH, Chapel Bank, Burslem.— This Church was built in 1801, enlarged in 1816, and subsequently renovated and improved.

The Schools adjoining were built in 1850, and the Lecture Hall in 1884. 

Ministers, Rev. William Brookes, 248, W aterloo-road; 
Rev. William Hindes, 186, Waterloo-road; and the 
Rev. John Wilson, 76, High-lane. 
Stewards, Mr. John Oliver, Rye Cottage, Wolstanton, and
Mr. E. Sandbach, Park-avenue, Wolstanton. 
Organist, Mr. F. J. Dean, Highfield, Hamil-road.

The Methodist Hymn Book is used. 

Caretaker, Mr. Joseph Bratt, Chapel House. 

Services— Sundays, 10 30 a.m. and 6 p.m.; Tuesdays, 7 30 p.m.; 
Guild Meetings, Fridays, 8 p.m.; 
Merrie Meetings, Saturdays, 8 p.m 
Sunday School, 9 15 a.m. and 2 p.m. 
A Bible Class for men is held in the Lecture Hall on Sunday afternoons at 2 15.

There are other Wesleyan Methodist Churches at Longport, Liverpool-road, Burslem, Middleport, and Sneyd Green.


MIDDLEPORT WESLEYAN MISSION.—The present iron buildings was erected in 1899 at the corner of Newport-lane and Dimsdale-street. 

It was known as Middleport Wesleyan Chapel until May, 1905, when it took its present name, under the care of a Superintendent. 

It seats about 400. 

Superintendent, Mr. J. W. Butler, 122. Newport-lane, Middleport. 
Steward, Thomas Woolrich, Newport-lane. 
Caretaker, Mr. J. Powner, 56, Slater-street. 

Services— Sundays, Morning 10 30: Evening, 6 o'clock. 
Brotherhood, 3 o'clock; Thursday Evening at 8 o'clock; President, Mr. J. W. Butler: Secretary, J. Powell, Brindley-street. 

Hymn Book used, Wesleyan Mission Hymns. 

Sunday School, 9 15 and 2 o'clock. 

Other Organisations in connection with the Mission— Free-and-easy on Saturday evenings at 7 30.




Sunday School Union

Established 30 years. Headquarters, Market Chambers. 
President, J. Whitmore. 
Hon. Secretaries, J. R. Hughes, 23, Hall-street, and W. M. Dawson, 86, Hall-street. 
School Visitor, Mr. Hubball. 

There are 17 schools in the Union.


Town Mission

Secretaty, H.T. Arrowsmith.
Treasurer, Alderman S. malkin.
Missioner, J.W. Butler, 124, Newport-lane.


British and Foreign Bible Society

Secretary, Robert Heath, Biddulph Grange. 
Junior Branch Secretary, C. D. Heaton, solicitor, Burslem.




Haywood Hospital

(The Howard and Richard Howard Haywood Charity.)

A scheme came into operation in the year 1831, and a capital sum of £30,000 was left by the brothers Howard, of Brownhills.

Owing to litigation as to the will, the Governors only received £24,907 7s. 7d., together with accumulated interest amounting to £1,939. 

Pending the erection of a permanent Hospital, a house in Waterloo-road was rented, and three trained nurses were appointed to visit patients in their homes. Two beds were placed in the Nurses' Home in 1886. 

At a later date it was decided to erect the present Hospital in Moorland-road, upon which about £3,000 was originally spent. 

In the year 1890, through the generosity of Matthew Dobson and his son, Warrington Dobson, new wards were added at a cost of £1,000. In 1891 James Maddock, the then Chairman, gave a donation of £500 for the erection of wards for Burnt cases, and a few years later about £400 was spent in the domestic portion of the Hospital.

The Governors are contemplating during the present year of enlarging and adding to the Hospital other buildings, at a cost of about £1,800.

Hospital built, 1887; number of beds, 31. 

Chairman of Governors: James Maddock, J.P. 
Co-optative Governors: T. F. Wood, J.P.. Dr. S. K. Alcock, T. Arrowsmith, J.P., and John Heath. 
Representative Governors: W. W . Dobson, J.P ., Mayor (ex-officio), E,
Edwards, M.P., T. Edwards, J. C. Bailey, J.P. 
Honorary Medical Staff: S. K. Alcock, M.D. Lond., M.R.C.S. Eng.; John Russell, M.B.; W. L. Ross, L.R.C.P. and L.R.C.S.; C. H. Mott, M.R.C.S. En-., L.R.C.S. Lond.; W. E. L. Horner, M.D., B.S., Lond., M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C P. Lond.; Harold Hartley, M.D. Lond., P.R.C.S. Eng. 
Honorary Dental Surgeons: J. A. Jones, L D.S. Glasgow; E. T. Shields, L.D.S. London. 
Clerk to the Governors, Frank C. Powell, Fountain-place, Burslem. 
House Doctor, Margaret Douglas French, M.B.M.S. 
Matron, Miss E. Moore. 


Burslem District Nursing Institution and Alcock Memorial Convalescent Fund

Patroness, her Grace the Duchess of Sutherland. 
President, the Mayor. 
Chairman of Committee, Thos. A rrowsmith. 
Treasurers, Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Co 
Hon. Secretary, A. P. Tiley, Market-place. 
Auditor, Fred Beard. 
Hon. Correspondent, Mrs. Alcock, Porthill. 

Invested Funds, £1,200, including £500 from Thomas Leicester's Trustees.


Burslem Isolation Hospital

Medical Officer, C. H. Mott, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.S. Lond. 
Matron, Laura Garton.


Mayor's Charity Fund

Secretary, J. Wallbank, Borough Accountant.


Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Burslem Branch. Secretary, T. Barlow, Blake-street, Burslem.


Burslem Borough Council Education Committe


Chairman, Councillor G. Wade, The Mount, Porthill. 
Vice-chairman, Councillor T. Mitchell, Market-place, Burslem. 
Alderman S. Malkin, Penrhyn, Burslem; Councillor
F. Averill, Newcastle-street, Burslem; Councillor 
J. Paterson Brodie, Highfield House, Burslem; 
Councillor S. Finney, Dartmouth-street, Burslem; 
Councillor T .S. Green, Nile-street Burslem; 
Councillor N. Parkes, J.P., 72, Slater-street, Burslem; 
Councillor D. Porter, Dimsdale-street, Burslem; 
Councillor W. E. Robinson, The Mount, Porthill; 
the Mayor (S. Gibson, Esq.), Inglewood, Wolstanton; 
Mrs. Alcock, Porthill, Longport; 
Rev. G. B. Bardsley, Greenhead House, Burslem; 
Rev. J. V. Hymers, Hall-street, Burslem; 
H. T. Arrow- smith, Ayondale, Wolstanton; T. W. Bennett, Ravenscliffe, Porthill.

Offices.—Liverpool-road, Burslem.


Secretary, A. T. Sheldon, F.E.I.S. 
Assistant Secretary, F. J. P. Harding. 
Superintendent Attendance Officer, R. W. Moreton. 
Attendance Officers, W. Dobson and G. H. Round. 
Art Director, Stanley Thorogood. 
Swimming Instructor, J. T. Beech. 
Cookery Instructress, Miss L. E. Newcomb. 
Superintendent of Manual Instruction, J. C. Wallis. 
Art Instructor, J. Willatt. 

Architects to the Board, A. R. Wood and Son. 

Medical Officer, Dr. Mott.


Provided Schools

Middleport 1,401
Hill Top 836
North Road 542
Longport 632
Granville 580
Park-road, Jackfield 1,140
Sneyd Green 710
Central 951




Non Provided Schools

St. Joseph's (R.C.) 394
Cobridge (National) 536
St. Peter's (R.C.) 310
Sneyd (National) 335
St. John's (National) 707
St. Paul's (National) 493




Description of Schools and Names of Teachers


Provided Schools

Middleport.—Boys, E. H. Darling; Girls, Miss E. Gittins; Infants, Miss M. P, Woolrich. 

Hill Top.—Boys, G. Baddeley; Girls, Miss F. M. Williams; Infants, Miss M. Payne. 

North-road.—Mixed, S. Swetnam; Infants, Mrs. M. B. Maiden.

Longport.—Mixed, M. S. Pickering; Infants, Miss M. A. Anderson.

Granviile.—Mixed. W. F. Holder; Infants, Miss A. J. Bourne

Park-road.—Senior Mixed, J. Cronshaw; Junior Mixed, Miss M. Shirley.

Jackfield.—Infants, Miss E. A. Molineux. 

Sneyd Green.—Mixed, A. Rigby; Infants, Miss E. Simmer.

Central.—Boys, J. S. Gowshall; Girls, Miss F. Summerhill; Infants, Miss F. Summerhill.


Non Provided Schools

Cobridge (National).—Mixed, R. F. Dogherty; Infants, Mrs. M. E. Lavender.

St. Joseph's (R.C.).—Mixed, Miss S. Mahon; Infants, Miss E. Barlow.

St. Peter's (R.C.).—Miss E. A. Murphy. Sneyd (National).—Mr. W. C. Haylett.

St. John's (National).—Boys, S. Royde; Girls, Miss A. Hancock; Infants, Miss K. Langridge. 

St. Paul's (National).—Mixed, S. Crosse; Infants, Miss E. Bell.



Wedgwood Memorial Institute

At an inaugaral meeting on January 27th, 1859, a scheme was adopted for the erection of a School of Art, as a memorial of Josiah Wedgwood, and following this meeting a subscription list was opened, by which a sum of about £3,000 was obtained. 

In July, 1860, the plans of J. B. Nicholls, of Wolverhampton, were adopted by the Committee, the building being properly commenced in 1863. 

On October 26th of that year the Right Hon. William Ewart Gladstone at that time Chancellor of the Exchequer, laid the Foundation Stone. The Institute was opened April 21st. 1869, bv the Right Hon. Earl de Grey and Ripon- with an exhibition of Wedgwood ware and collection of oil and water colour drawings, lent for the occasion. 

In 1863 the Free Libraries Act was adopted, and the Free Library was opened to the public in 1870.

School of Art

Teaching and Administrative Staff

Headmaster, Stanley Thorogood, A.R.C.A. 
Second Master, Thomas J. Jones, A.R.C.A. 
Assistant Master, Frederick J. Willatt.
Art Pupil Teachers, Francis Van H. Phillips and Harry Nixon.
Special Instructor for Modelling Classes.— 
Modelling Class, S. Thorogood, A.R.C.A. 
Assistant, T. J. Jones, A.R.C.A. 
Attendant, J. R. Reilly.

School of science and Technology Staff

Headmaster, M. S. Pickering, B.Sc. Lond., F.C.S. 
Assistant Masters: Edwin Wardle, Inter. B.Sc. (Lond. Univ.); Reginald T. Longden, 
architect; Percy H. Barlow, Inter. B.Sc. (Lond. Univ.): Joseph F. Hood, Inter. B.Sc. (fjond. and Wales); Reginald S. Showan, A.M.I.M.E.
French.—Leonee Boulnois.
Shorthand and Book-keeping.—W. Byrne, C.T.P. (Lond.).
German.—Bernard Oisen.
Latin.—J. H. Dickins, M.A. (Oxen). 
Spanish.—T. Goodwin. 
Woodwork.—J. C. Wallis.

Burslem New School of Art

This building is now in course of erection, and will be opened about September, 1907. 

Headmaster.— Stanley Thorogood, A.R.C.A.
Second Master.— T. J. Jones, A.R.C.A. 
Assistant Master.— Fred Willatt. 
Chairman.— Councillor George Wade, The Mount, Porthill.
Secretary.— A. T. Sheldon, Liverpool-road,Burslem.



Libraries, Newsrooms and Art Galleries

Public Free Library


The Central Library forms part of the Wedgwood Institute (Brickhouse-street wing), and was opened in 1870. It contains a spacious and convenient Lending Department, together with a Reading and News Room and Reference Library. Open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Thursdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The News Room is supplied with all principal London and provincial papers. Open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Thursdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Lending Department is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily (Thursdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.), and contains 12,000 volumes.

The Reference Department is supplied with all principal magazines and works of reference, and is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Thursdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Librarian, S. B. Baker; Assistant, Miss Vaughan.

Brownhills Branch Library.—Contains 300 volumes, and is open from 12 noon to 10 p.m. Librarian, Wm. Salmon.



Church of England Temperance Society
Burslem Auxiliary

Secretary and Treasurer.— Rev. A. Williams, Waterloo-road, Burslem.
Headquarters.— St. John's School, Burslem.


Burslem Temperance Society

Secretary.— Daniel Porter, 4, Dimsdale-street.


Sunday Closing Association

Secretary.— Daniel Porter, 4, Dimsdale-street.






St. Martin's Lodge (No. 98)

Officer, Wor. Mast. Wor. Bro. William Lowe. 

Membership, 64. 

Place of Meeting— Council Chambers, Town Hall, Burslem, third Thursday every month except August. 

Secretary, J. Cronshaw, P.M., 24, Price-street, Burslem.


Sutherland Lodge (No. 451)

Officer, Wor. Mast. Wor. Bro. Fred Bates, Westwood, Stone 

Place of Meeting— Town Hall, Burslem, third Friday in every month.

Secretary, Arthur P. Tiley, Market-place.




Court Bold Robin Hood (No. 828), 1839

Officers.— C.R., J. J. Huntbatch; S.C.R., G. H. Woolley. 

Treasurer, John Huntbatch. 

Secretary. F. A. Barlow, Riley-street, Burslem. 

Membership, 300, 

Meetings held every fourth Monday in the month at Middleport Council Schools.


Court Royal Potters (B 504), 1839

Meeting Place, New Vaults, Market-place, Burslem. 

Secretary, G. Ingleby, 15, York-street, Burslem. 

Treasurer, J. Wade.


Court Foresters' Child (B 680), 1840

Meeting Place, Railway Inn, North-road. 

Secretary, T. Mountford, 71, Gordon-street, Burslem. 

Treasurer, T. Romley.


St. John's Lodge

Meetings held at the Royal Hotel.

Number of members, 150. 

Secretary, Richard Plimbley, Harley-street, Hanley.


Perseverance Lodge

Meetings held at the Royal Hotel.

Number of members, 140. 

Secretary, James Davidson, 22, Elm-street, Cobridge. 


Hope of Burslem Tent No. 1,233


Bro. C. W. Eaton, C.R.; Sister H, Walker, D.R.; Bro. R. Home, P.C.R. 
Stewards, Sister Robinson levite, Bro. W. F. Spencer,, and W. Ward.
Guard, Bro. Finney. 
Treasurer, Bro. J. Kearns. 

Number of members, 186 (males and females). 

Place of Meeting, Wilkinson Assembly Rooms, Hill Top. 

Secretary, Frederick Rigby, 25, Howard-street, Burslem.


Victoria Lodge

Held at Victoria Hotel, Liverpool-road. 

Secretary, Richard Lovekin, Bedford-street, Shelton. 

Treasurer, E. R. Pierpoint, Victoria Hotel, Burslem.



Meeting Place, Victoria Hotel, Liverpool-road. 

Secretary, Samuel King, 20, York-street, Burslem.


Meeting Place, Council School, Longport. 

Secretary, James Hickton, 33, Shirley-street, Burslem.



President, Henry Whittingham. 

Secretary, Joseph Bourne, 13, High-lane, Burslem. 

Place of Meeting, Wesleyan School, Burslem. 

Membership, 30.

Established 1841. 
Capital, £128,477 3s. 7d. 
Reserve Account, £6,735, 17s.

President—A. Greatbatch, 186, Moorland-rd. 
Secretary—W. Hesketh.
Treasurer—A. Felton, 22, Grove-st., Cobridge. 
Hon. Treasurer—R. A. Pippet, Manchester and Liverpool District Bank. Auditors—Bourner, Bullock and Co., Hanley. 
Actuary—J. Holt Schooling, A.I.A., F.S.S.,
London. Solicitors—Tomkinson, Norris and Registered Office—Swan Chambers, Swan-sq.


Secretary, A. Johnson, High-street, Tunstall 
Treasurer, J. Wilcox, Slater street, Burslem.



President, A. Walker. 
Vice-President, J. T. Boardman. 

Number of Members, 78. 

Secretary, John Maloass, 18, Stanley-street, Burslem.


Treasurer, Mr. J. Barnard. 
Money Steward, Mr. T. Reeves. 
Surgeon, Dr. Russell. 

About 100 Members. 

Secretary, Mr. Arthur Hollins, 49, Macclesfield-street, Burslem.


1st Volunteer Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment 
(C Company)

Barracks, Newcastle-street. 

Colonel Commanding, Colonel W. W. Dobson. 
Captain of C. Company, Captain J. Russell. 
Sergeant- Instructor, J. Curry.


Town Hall, Burslem

Assembly Room or Concert Hall, 80ft. x 50ft., seated for 630, exclusive of spacious orchestra. 

Terms, £1 15s. per evening, or after the rate of £9 for six consecutive evenings, including electricity up to 10 30 p.m., with 5s. additional for the fiist hour or part of an hour afterwards, and 3s. 6d. for every hour or part of an hour after that. 

If taken for any object inolving the removal of the seats, or more performances than one per day, £2; 10s. for additional charges for electricity as above. 

When intoxicating liquors are sold, 7s. 6d. extra for the use of room. 

For bazaars after the rate of £10 10s. for six consecutive days, with extra charge for electricity as above. 

Use of Bechstein Grand Piano: 10s. 6d. for one night, 5s. for each consecutive night after the first, and 30s. for a week. 

No person booking the Hall will be allowed to use any other piano (travelling companies excepted). 

Deposit of £1 Is. required before booking any engagement for the Assembly Room for one or two nights, and £3 3s. for more than two nights and not exceeding one week. 

Further deposit required if engaged for more than one week. No deposit will be returned. 

Council Chamber, £1 1s.; Court Room, 15s.; ditto, if dock not removed, 12s. 6d.; electricity per hour after 10 30 p.m., 3s.; kitchen range, fuel found, 7s. 6d.; boiler, 3s.; Committee Room, 5s. 

The tenant will be required to sign an agreement, and will be held responsible for all damage, except when occurring in removal of seats or dock, and the Town Clerk may, if he thinks fit, require a deposit of £5 in addition to the usual deposit to cover possible injury to the premises. 

Applications to made to the Town Clerk, Town Hall, Burslem.

Gymnasium and Drill Hall

Concert Hall, 105ft. x 64ft., seats for 1,000, will hold 1,400. 

Terms for the use of the Drill Hall: For one day up to 10 30 p.m., £2 15s.; for each hour or part of an hour afterwards, 3s.; for one week (six days), £12. 

Applications for the use of the Drill Hall should be made to the Borough Accountant.

The Gymnasium is open from the 1st October to the 31st March, as follows :—

Monday : Males, 7 30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday: Females, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.; males, 8 15 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday:
Females, 5 30 to 8 p.m.; males, 8 15 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday: Males, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The classes are subject to alterations as the Council may decide. 

Season tickets, 2s. 6d.; weekly tickets, 2d. Hon. 

Superintendent, Captain Russell; 
Caretaker and Gymnastic: Instructor, J. T. Gratty; 
Instructress, Miss M. Warner.

Wedgwood Mission Hall, Wedgwood-street.

Wedgwood Theatre, Wedgwood-place. Manager, Matt Hall.




CONSERVATIVE CLUB.— Wedgwood-place. President, A. H. Heath. Chairman of Committee, R. Allen. Secretary, John W. Latimer.

LIBERAL CLUB.— Market-place. Secretary, J. E. Leigh, Wolstanton. Steward, J. Johnson,



COBRIDGE BOWLING AND RECREATION CLUB - Waterlo-road, Cobridge. Formed in 1900. 
President, Edward B. Walker, 221, Waterloo-road. Secretary, W. Hesketh. Steward, T. H. Bayley.

BURSLEM CRICKET CLUB - Grounds, Cobridge-road. Secretary, Albert Hollowood. Treasurer, C. D. Heaton.

BURSLEM PORT VALE FOOTBALL CLUB.— Grounds, Waterloo-road. Headquarters and Registered Offices, Queen's Hotel, Cobridge.- 
Secretary, Samuel Gleaves. Treasurer, R- Handley.


(Burslem Division, North Staffs. Corps.)

Superintendent, Acting Secretary, and Treasurer, T. W. Boardman, Town Hall. Hon. Surgeon, Lecturer, and Examiner, Dr. J. Russell.

(Cobridge Branch.)

President, Rev. A. M. Mulligan. Membership about 400. Secretary, C. W. Davenport, 6, Furnival-street.



Secretary, J. Paterson Brodie, Moorland-road.


Headquarters, Old Crown Hotel. Secretary,. R. Skinner. Treasurer, W. B. Hand.



Superintendent and Captain, Dr. J. Russell. Instructor and Caretaker, J. T. Gatty. Instructress, Miss M. Warner.


Founded 1822. 

President, William Rhodes. Secretary, E. Griffiths, 46, Waterloo-road.

(Burslem Branch.)

Meetings held first and third Wednesday in each month, at 8 30 p.m., at the Working-men's Club, Furlong-lane. 
Secretary, J. W. Judd, Clock House, Burslem. 
Treasurer, F . Dale, Mount Pleasant, Mow Cop



Railway Passenger Department

Burslem Station (N.S. Rly. Co.), Moorland- road. Stationmaster, E. W. Cartlidge.

Cobridge Station (N.S.Rly. Co.), Elder-road, Stationmaster, Robert Beattie.

Longport Station (N.S.Rly. Co.), Station-street. Stationmaster, Denton Smith.

Waterloo-road Station (N.S. Rly. Co.), Cobridge. Stationmaster. George Hulse.


Railway Goods Department

Midland Railway Goods Office, Longport. Agent, E. Hood.

London and North-Western Railway Co. Agent, E. A. Lake, Longport Station.

Great Northern Railway Co. Agent, W. Dawson, 210, Waterloo-road.

North Staffordshire Railway Co. Agents, E. J. Bagley, Longport Station, and E. W. Cartlidge, Burslem Station.



Anderton Company, Ltd., Brownhills Wharf.

Mersey, Weaver, and Ship Canal Carrying Co., Ltd., Port Valve-street. Agent, C. W. Shirley.

Shropshire Union  Railways and Canal Co., Ltd.,  Navigation-road.



Burslem General Post Office

Post Office Reguations

Sale of Postage Stamps, Registration of Letters and Postal Packets—Week Days, 7 a.m . to 9 p.m.; Sundays, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m .

Money Order, Savings Bank, Annuity and Insurance Business, Issue of Licenses—Week Days, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sundays, no business.
Telegraph Business—Week Days, 8 a.m . to 8 p.m.; Sundays, 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Outward mail on Week Days

Box Closes at Delivery
6 30 a.m. local 7 0 a.m.
9 20 a.m. 11 35 a.m.
10 55 a.m. 3 35 p.m.
12 0 noon 5 25 p.m.
1 50 p.m. 7 0  a.m. (following morning)
3 20 p.m. 7 0  a.m. (following morning)
5 10 p.m. local 7 0  a.m. (following morning)
9 10 p.m. 
9 30 p.m. 
12 0 midnight 


Sundays Collection, 9 p.m.; Sundays Delivery, 7 a.m.

There are Branch Offices at *Cobridge, Dalehall, Hamil-road, *Longport, Middleport, Park Estate, Porthill, and Waterloo-road.
NOTE.—Those marked (*) are Telegraph O ffices.




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