Pevsner and the Buildings of Stoke-on-Trent

Outer Hanley

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Hanley Park, (S). Opened in 1894. Mawson's  first public park. Pavilion by Dan Gibson, EH)


The lake in Hanley Park's lower ground was designed by Thomas Mawson to appear larger than its five acres by creating an irregular outline broken by willow trees planted along the margin, promontories, bays and islands.


Hanley Park
The ornate pavilion of 1896 was designed by Dan Gibson


on Hanley Park

The one expedition any cultural traveller will wish to make is to Etruria, Josiah Wedgwood's works built here in 1769. The trip will turn out to be a bitter disappointment,
The Wedgwood warehouses along the canal and the Wedgwood kilns have all been pulled down by the present owners of the area in the sixties. The only remaining building by the canal is a round house of brick and a brick dome.

photo of the roundhouse at Josiah Wedgwood site
photo of the roundhouse at Josiah Wedgwood site
[in the background is the Shelton Steel Works]

photo: mid 1970's by Ken Cubley

on Wedgwood's Etruria Works


Etruria Hall now belongs to the Shelton Iron and Steel Works. The house was designed by Joseph Pickford and completed in 1770, is of five bays and two stories, and has to the S a three-bay pediment and three just a little enriched windows.
Two wings were added during the owner's lifetime. From his house he could look across the landscape to the canal, inspired by him and the works, built by him. Now that view is all desolation.


Wedgwood's Etruria Hall
Landscaped for the 1986 Garden Festival
and now an annex to a hotel


on Etruria Hall

on the Garden Festival


One postscript:

Behind Broad Street (SW) to the NW and accessible from Morley Street is s building for Mason's Ironstone China, datable by style to c.1815. It is a full twenty-five bays long, of two storeys, with a three-bay pediment and a Venetian window beneath it. In the end elevation also a Venetian window.


Front elevation of Mason's Ironstone Works
Front elevation of Mason's Ironstone Works
showing the Venetian window


photo - c. Potworks / Godden


- factory now demolished -


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