Peter and Francis Warburton


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Peter & Francis Warburton




Peter & Francis were manufacturers of cream-coloured earthenware

They were members of the Warburton family who were an important family of potters working at Fenton Low and Cobridge in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

  • Peter Warburton (b.1773 d.1813) had as partner his younger brother Francis until 29 March 1802 when the partnership was dissolved and Francis went to France and set up as manufacturer of cream coloured ware at La Charité-sur-Loire, France.

  • Peter continued on his own accord at Bleak Hill Cobridge.


London Gazette
3 April 1802

Notice of the dissolution of the partnership between
Peter and Francis Warburton on 29 March 1802
Peter continued the business on his own account



The Warburton family of potters


The mark of Peter and Francis Warburton was 

P & F 


Warburton black basalt ware  teapot; with hinged cover and swan knob; 
decorated with moulded classical figures and leaves; made about 1800

It is not known which of the Warburton family of potters at Cobridge was responsible for this pot. 
Jacob Warbuton is probably less likely than his sons Peter and Francis, who were in partnership 
from about 1795. Their partnership was dissolved in 1802, but Peter continued the works until 1812. 
Another possibility is John Warburton, who was active between about 1802 to 1825.


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