British Anchor Pottery Co Ltd


Location and period of operation:

British Anchor Pottery Co Ltd




Earthenware manufacturer, Anchor Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent

British Anchor Pottery used Rawland & Marsellus Co for exports to America



Previously: J T Hudden 


The British Anchor Pottery Company Limited
( Late J T Hudden)
Anchor Road, Longton, Staffordshire

Manufacturers if Earthenware, &c.,
in Table and Toilet Ware, suitble for all markets
The whole of the Shapes and patterns of the late
Proprietor have been purchased by the Company

The Pottery Gazette,  January 1885 



One of the parishioners of the nearby St. James Church
outside The British Anchor Pottery works in Anchor Road

photo: 1960's   

the British Anchor Pottery at the corner of Anchor Road and Bath Street

The British Anchor Pottery is shown by the dark blue rectangle

The works of Sampson Bridgwood & Son (also called the Anchor Pottery) 
is marked by the light blue circle 

(map is combination of 1898 and 1922 maps)


earthenware plate by the British Anchor Pottery Company Ltd
the pattern was first registered by their
predecessors J T Hudden

photo: Martin Warrilow  


Plate in the JAPAN pattern
Plate in the JAPAN pattern




Marks & Initials used on ware for identification:



REGENCY [introduced 1952+] 

MONTMARTRE WARE [introduced 1954+] 

RICHMOND [introduced 1958+] 

HOSTESS TABLE WARE [introduced 1961+] 

TRIANON WARE [introduced 1961+] 

often a crown is used - associated with the name "BRITISH ANCHOR"


this mark shown on the oval plate above

the registration diamond dates from March 1881
and so the pattern was first registered by the
predecessors J T Hudden



Pattern is FLORA
LONGTON is the town where the 
pottery works was located 

courtesy: 'Staffordshire Potters 1781-1900' R K Henrywood 



mark used 1884 - 1913
["ENGLAND" added from 1891]

impressed mark "BRITISH ANCHOR"



mark used 1910 onwards


mark used 1945+


mark used 1945+
[the name of differing patterns appears with this standard mark]


mark used 1954+

[note the date code 12-58 for December 1958]


mark used 1961+

[note the date code 5-61 for May 1961]

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