The Cara China Co


Location and period of operation:

The Cara China Co




  China ware manufacturer in Uttoxeter Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent.  

Cara China made fine bone china ornaments, broaches, earrings. Examples include garden benches with flowers winding around, all hand painted.
In 1971, they had a visit from the Ambassador of Tunisia, Ismeal Kamel, and his American wife, who, although expected to make a short visit, stayed much longer.  His wife was very interested in English ceramics.

Cara China was owned, prior to the present owners, by William, (born 25 Dec 1900), Millicent, & Hilda (born 12 Feb 1909) Bridgwood. Their brother Samuel worked for them.
Most was for export, to Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda.

The family was related to the Bridgwood family who owned (and sold in 1879) Sampson Bridgwood. est 1853.


Cara specialised in ceramic flowers

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