Coronation Pottery Co Ltd


Location and period of operation:

Coronation Pottery Co Ltd


c. 1903

c. 1960's 

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Previously: George Bennett & Co



"Owned by a family called Spares, then bought by my Grandad Crow (based in London) and managed by my other grandfather, Ernest Frost (don't know specific dates for the swap over)
There were 2 bottle kilns on site, eventually knocked down and replaced by 2 electric ovens

Mrs Bowler managed the decorating shop
Arthur Forrester was the fireman

Pottery was stamped either 'Coronation Pottery' or 'Viola' (after my Grandmother, Violet Frost)

In the 60's, Coronation Pottery stopped producing pottery and became a cash and carry warehouse still trading under the same name until my father retired in the mid 80's when he sold the place."

information supplied by Phil Crow



tea set made by the Coronation Pottery
tea set made by the Coronation Pottery to
commemorate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 



Marks used on ware for identification:


early ware was not marked


mark used c.1947 onwards
printed or impressed

[marks with "Ltd" included in the name were 1947 onwards]




the two bottle kilns of the Coronation Pottery

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for sale sign - still with the name "Coronation Court"


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