Thomas Dimmock (Jnr) & Co


Location and period of operation:

T Dimmock & Co

Hanley (Shelton)



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Manufactured 'good quality earthenware' - Operated the Albion Street Works (c.1828-59) and the Tontine Street Works (c.1830-50)

Previously: Thomas Dimmock (Snr) [1822 - 1827]
Subsequently: J. Dimmock & Co [1861 - 1904]

It appears that Thomas Dimmock (Snr) rented the potworks from a John Birch. His son Thomas Dimmock (Jnr) appears to have continued the lease and then purchased the works around 1838. 


Ward in his book 'The Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent' (published 1843) wrote...


"THOMAS DIMMOCK & Co. hold three manufactories, viz.-

First, A pot-work in Hanley, adjoining the new Market-house, formerly James Whitehead's, afterwards J. and W. Handley's.

Second, Another pot-work in the upper end of Shelton, formerly of Edmund John Birch, afterwards of Christopher Whitehead.

Third, An enamelling and guilding establishment, adjacent to the King's Head, in Shelton."


..the enamelling workshop was reputed to be in Shelton near the 'Kings Head' beer inn. This was offered for sale in 1862. 



Initials and trade names used on ware for identification:





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