Hackwood & Co


Location and period of operation:

Hackwood & Co




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Earthenware and Jasper ware manufacturers at Eastwood, Hanley.

Subsequently: William Hackwood.

NOTE: This is not the same William Hackwood - who was a modeller at Josiah Wedgwood's Etruria works.


 "Contemporary advertisements and some directories list 'Hackwood, Dimmock & Co.' - a style not included in rate records. It is very probable that 'Hackwood & Co' and 'Hackwood, Dimmock & Co' were one and the same firm.
Chaffers' mark handbook lists the mark 'Hackwood Dimmock & Co.'
In some rate lists (1822 and 1825) this firm is listed as William Hackwood & Co."

From: Godden - 'British Pottery & Porcelain Marks' 

Initials used on ware for identification:


H & CO

mark on the Jasper style ware shown below



typical Jasper ware style
These pots are impressed on the bottom HACKWOOD & CO. 
It is produced in typical Jasper ware style.
The pot measures 3 3/4" high by 5" across the top.


Summary of the operation of the Hackwood family: 

Operator Works location operation date
Hackwood & Co
(also known as Hackwood, Dimmock & Co)
Eastwood, Hanley 1807-27 
William Hackwood Eastwood, Hanley  1827-43
William & Thomas Hackwood New Hall, Shelton 1844-50
William Hackwood & Son New Hall, Shelton 1846-49
Thomas Hackwood New Hall, Shelton 1849-53


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