Ralph Hall (& Co.) (& Son)


Location and period of operation:


Ralph Hall




Manufacturer of earthenware and Stone China at the Swan Bank pottery works, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent

  • The company was heavily involved in the North American market. Ralph Hall was responsible for the production of two major series of blue transfer ware patterns:- the Select Views Series and the Picturesque Scenery Series

  • Ralph Hall worked in partnership with his brother John originally at the Sytch Pottery in Burslem (1802-1822), and at the Swan Bank works (1809-1822)

  • After c.1811 Ralph took over Swan Banks Works at Tunstall and was responsible for production there and John was responsible for the Burslem works. 

  • As early as 1814 it is probably that they were more or less working independently, although the partnership was not dissolved until 1822. 

  • Ralph continued to trade in his own name until taking his son into partnerhip in 1836 and then restyling the title again to R.Hall & Co in 1841. 

  • The company ceased trading c. 1849 and the Swan Banks Works were taken over by Podmore Walker & Co in 1853. 


Concurrently: J & R Hall


dissolution of the partnership between John
and Ralph Hall in January 1822

John contined the Sytch works in Burslem 
Ralph continued the Swan Bank works in Tunstall



one of the Picturesque Scenery Series -
Llanarth Court in Monmouthshire

monochrome transfer ware plate in the Veranda pattern 


Marks and initials used on ware for identification:


Generally attributed to the partnership 
with his brother John 1802 - 1822
- although does appear as an impressed mark with the printed R Hall -

1822 -1841
(possibly from 1814) 

1836 - 1841

R. HALL & CO. 
1841 - 1849

R. H. & CO. 
1841 - 1849


R Hall's
Select Views
Eashing Park
Stone China 

1822 -1841
(possibly from 1814) 

R Hall's
Picturesque Scenery
Llanarth Court

1822 -1841
(possibly from 1814) 

R Hall

printed mark with an impressed mark 'HALL'

1822 -1841
(possibly from 1814) 

R H & Co

Veranda is the pattern name 

1841 - 1849

R H & Co

Ningo-Po is the pattern name 

1841 - 1849


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