John Harrison


Location and period of operation:

John Harrison

Cliffgate Bank



  An earthenware manufacturer at Stoke-upon-Trent, Stoke 

  • John Harrison was in business with his father (also John) - his father died age 82 on 15 September 1798 and the son continued. 

  • The business was listed as Cliffgate Bank at map location 99 in J. Allbut and Sons "Map of the Potteries of 1802". 

  • Harrison was declared bankrupt in May 1802 and his Penkhull estate put up for action in July 1802 along with a potbank at Cliff Bank, called Warburton's, lately held by John Harrison. 

  • He was again declared bankrut on 5 January 1805 and his house at Cliff Bank (which was being used for warehousing) was put up for auction.

  • Again he was declared bankrupt in 1810/11

  • John Harrison is recorded as potting in Stoke from 1781 to 1816 in various trade directories 


NOTE: Josiah Wedgwood, when still an apprentice worked at the Wedgwood family pottery until 1752, then entered into partnership with John Harrison and Thomas Alders at the Cliff Bank works near Stoke for a brief time until in 1754 Josiah joined the business of master potter Thomas Whieldon. 


London Gazette
8 May 1802

Commission of bankruptcy against 
John Harrison, Manufacturer of earthenware, Stoke-upon-Trent 



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