Holdcrofts Ltd


Location and period of operation:

Holdcrofts Ltd  





Manufacturer of earthenware ware at the Sutherland Pottery in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  • Originally founded as Joseph Holdcroft in 1865. 

  • Joseph Holdcroft died on the 30th April 1904. After Joseph died the pottery was then taken over by his son, Thomas who added the production of enameled brick to the output. 

  • The company was Incorporated in 1906 and then traded as Holdcrofts Ltd.

  • In 1939 the company was taken over by Cartwright & Edwards, who closed the business by 1940. 

Previously: Joseph Holdcroft



Holdcrofts, Ltd., manufacturers of Linthorpe majolica art ware
and general and fancy earthenware, Sutherland Pottery,
Daisy Bank (established 1862)


Daisy Bank
Holdcrofts, Ltd., earthenware 
and majolica manufacturers 

from..... 1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 
'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'




Holdcrofts Linthorpe majolica bowl
supported on a stem of three stylised dolphins




majolica scallop shell dish supported on three welk shells
the dish has the impressed mark HOLDCROFTS





Marks used on ware for identification:

Holdcrofts Ltd



Holdcrofts Ltd



printed mark
stylised JH on a globe

this mark, originally introduced by Joseph Holdcroft in 1890 
was continued after 1906 by Holdcrofts Ltd



Daisy Bank marl hole and the surrounding pottery factories
Holdcroft's Sutherland Pottery, Spring Bank Road, Longton - 1927

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