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Location and period of operation:

Hoods Ltd





Earthenware, China, Crested Ware and industrial ceramic manufacturer at the International Works, King Street, Fenton, England. 

The Hood's works were located in the Foley area between the towns of Fenton & Longton - most marks have Fenton but some later marks have the town name of Longton. 

  • The company was registered in January 1895, to acquire the business of merchants and manufacturers of Joseph Hood - they operated at International Exchange, Edmund Street, Birmingham, selling household hardware. see: Graces Guide.  

  • In 1919 a pottery business was started in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent. Hoods named the pottery works - International Works.

  • Pottery manufacture ceased c.1947

  • Hoods were a Listed Exhibitor at the 1947 British Industries Fair. Producers of Earthenware Dinner and Tea Ware and Fancies in Hand Painted and Lithograph Patterns of Controlled Design. (Olympia, Ground Floor, Stand No. A.1177) - however they are not listed in the 1947 Pottery Gazette Handbook. It appears that 1947 was the date of closure. 

  • The hardware supply business in Birmingham continued at least until 1951. 





plate in the 'Indian Tree' pattern 

set of trios in the Vine pattern 


China plate, cup and saucer trio 

this set is marked 'TRIOOD China' 



hand painted side plate

the matching cups are marked 'TRIOOD' 



serving tray 




Mr.Harold Frith built and owned the Elbow Beach Hotel, Bermuda until 1947 when it was sold to John Moore (The same family that owned the Moore Pools in the UK)
This plate was used between 1925 and 1930 as the Carver for the formal dinner service.

Trade Mark
Hoods Ltd



Crested China Ware





Marks and initials used on ware for identification:









Hoods Ltd

'VINE' is the pattern name

Triood China
Made in England 

Triood China
Made in England

Hoods Ltd



The Hood's works were located in the Foley area between the towns of
Fenton & Longton - some later marks have the town name of Longton 



The Three Hoods registrered trade mark
and the name TRIOOD was also used
in conjunction with the hardware business 



1951 advert for Hoods, Wholesale Distributors, Birmingham

Although the pottery manufacturing had ceased c.1947 the wholesale
distribution business continued in Birminham 




1924 maps showing the International Works, King Street

The Hood's works were located in the Foley area between 
the towns of Fenton & Longton 


courtesy: old-maps.co.uk


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