John Moseley


Location and period of operation:

John Moseley

Cobridge & Burslem



 Manufacturer of Wedgwood-type basalt earthenware (also known as Egyptian Black) at Cobridge and Burslem [Stoke-on-Trent]

  • Previously in partnership with William Dale at Cobridge. The partnership was dissolved in November 1801

  • John Moseley was recorded in a number of trade directories as potting at Cobridge c.1802-1818 and at the Church Yard Works in Burslem c.1812-1822.

  • A John Moseley is recorded as potting at Black Works, Queen Street, Burslem in 1809 (with a William Moseley) and in 1818 on his own. The partnership between John and William Moseley was dissolved in September 1809.

  • John Moseley was probably in partnership with John & Benjamin Warburton for a few months in 1815 as Warburtons & Moseley

  • John Moseley died in 1824 at Longport, age 47. 


Previously: Moseley & Dale


London Gazette
25 September 1810

notice of the dissolution of a partnership between John and William Moseley
on the 11th November 1809


black basalt milk jug 



Typical black basalt commemorative milk jug and sugar bowl by John Moseley

Each side of the milk jug is applied with a shell-shaped panel, one side depicting Britannia and an angel before an obelisk, the angel holding a shield titled 'Nelson', the reverse with motifs representing Nelson's three battles beneath a banner inscribed 'Trafalgar'.


 The sugar bowl has a swan finial, applied with a figure of Nelson standing between two columns





Marks used on ware for identification:


Impressed mark


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