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Ravensdale Pottery Ltd




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Commenced production 15th September 1999 at the Royal Albert Works.

Manufacturer specialising in oval dishes, steak plates tableware and special items of cast ware.

The factory was built in 1858 and c.1875 occupied by Alfred Meakin, later years Astbury China then Holdenby Design occupied the works.
Graham Palmer and a Partner Kevin Knapper  moved into the empty building in 1999 - the factory spanned three floors, Ravensdale  acquired the ground floor, on the second floor was a small company like them selves but they went out of business in May 2001, on the top floor was Tunstall Artists but in October 2001 they had a fire and all the top floor was destroyed. In 2002 they  have taken the second floor and the top floor as nearly been rebuilt again.

Ravensdale Pottery Ltd, 
Royal Albert Works,
Parsonage Street, 
(Telephone Number: 01782 821026)

Ravensdale Oval Dish 11.5 x 9.5 inches
Ravensdale Oval Dish 11.5 x 9.5 inches


detail on dish
detail on dish


Ravendale Mark
Ravendale Mark



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