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Ralph Stevenson




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Earthenware manufacturer, Lower Manufactory, Cobridge.

From 1832-1835 was Ralph Stevenson & Son


STEVENSON, Ralph (1776-1853), pottery manufacturer, Burslem. 

RS, the son of Ralph and Ann Stevenson, was baptised, probably at Burslem, on 28 January 1776. He lived in Scotland with an uncle, John Adams, from about 1784 to 1800, then returned to Cobridge and set up in business as a pottery manufacturer. He went bankrupt in 1835. 

By his wife, Mary nee Mayer, of Hanley whom he married on 31 August1807, he had two sons, Ralph Stevenson and John Adams Stevenson, both of whom became solicitors and clerks to Hanley and Stoke councils respectively. 

RS was involved in the establishment of the Potteries Mechanics' Institution in 1826. From about 1803 to 1818 he lived at Cobridge Cottage, situated off Elder Road, in the area of the later Grange Street. His house later became a convent, then the home of Samuel Alcock (q.v) and was eventually demolished in 1913. 

Thomas Campbell, the poet, visited RS at Cobridge Cottage in1805, commenting adversely on the condition of the local roads. RS died in Sandon in 1S53. 

Sources: P. W. L. Adams, Notes on Some North Staffordshire Families; IGI Staffs.; Sentinel Summer Number 1910; VCH viii.


Initials used on ware for identification:






Note: Many of the Stevenson Marks may have been used by either Andrew or Ralph Stevenson.



There appears to have been in 1825 a short lived partnership between Ralph Stevenson & Aldborough Lloyd Williams. The partnership is not listed in directories but is mentioned in a mortgage deed of 1825.

Marks of Stevenson & Williams