Jeremiah Yates


The first child of Jeremiah and Ann had been named simply SARAH in 1839. In the Northern Star for 12 June 1841 Announcements of births were under the heading "More Young Patriots" and included:-

"lately at Shelton Potteries, Mary Frost O'Connor Matthew Yates, daughter of Jeremiah and Ann Yates" 

To be eligible for inclusion in the list it seems that forenames such as Fergus were expected. Here was a certain indication of Jeremiah's enthusiasm. John Frost (1784-1877), Fergus O'Connor (1796-1855) were Chartist leaders and Father Matthew was an Irish temperance leader.

In 1841 Jeremiah and Ann were living, with their two babies in the house at Miles Bank in the centre of Hanley which was apparently large enough to be a centre of Chartist activity. It is described variously as a Coffee House and Temperance Hotel.

Jeremiah had other interests in Hanley as we see from:

North Staffordshire Mercury 6 February 1841
on the half-yearly meeting of the Pottery Mechanics Institute.

J. Yates is mentioned as one who proposed resolutions The report said 'Owing to the continued and unparalleled depression in trade' the membership was only about 50. The noble Patron, His Grace the Duke of Sutherland has presented Roman coins to the Museum. There had been lectures on the Human Mind. There had been classes in Reading (6d per quarter), Chemistry (1/-), Figure, landscape and Flower' Drawing.

'Fully sensible of their vast importance to the uneducated youth of the district they had appointed the most competent teacher they could procure, with a salary of 20 per annum.' The library contained 1535 volumes,

'It is a source of much gratification to see so many youths of the working class resorting here after the toils of the day have closed ...'

The very next item in the newspaper is entitled 'Decimal Coinage'


Later in 1841 the Northern Star carried regular reports from the Potteries.

"Forthcoming Chartist Meetings 25 SEPT 1841

There is a discussion class at Mr. J Yates's Temperance Hotel every Tuesday night at half past seven o'clock."

NS 16 OCT 1841

"Hanley. It has been resolved that a ball shall take place at the large room at the George and Dragon Inn, New St., Hanley on Monday evening Oct 25th the proceeds to be appropriated to Chartist purposes. Tickets, 6d each may be had of .... Jeremiah Yates, Miles Bank."

There was also to be a lecture in Hanley at the "National Charter Association Room"

NS 13 NOV 1841

"Potteries. At a meeting of delegates from the different townships in the Staffordshire Potteries held on Sunday the 7th of November at the home of Mr. J. Yates, Miles Bank, for the purpose of considering the propriety of forming a District Council." #

The delegates attending included "Mr. J Yates and Mr. J. Oldhand of Upper Hanley"

# Under the rules of the National Charter Association each town had a Town Council and each County a (District) Council.