Jeremiah Yates



The imprisonments and deportations set back Chartism and many quit but, as the leaders were released, the movement revived and Jeremiah was soon active again.

NS 11 Nov 1843 under Chartist Intelligence

"Hanley. A meeting of the Chartists of the above place was holden on Monday evening last at Mr. Jeremiah Yates's Temperance Hotel when nearly 100 enrolled themselves under the New Plan of organisation. A Council has been formed and all those who are desirous of taking cards of membership may do so by applying at Jeremiah Yates's Temperance Hotel, Miles Bank, Shelton where meetings are holden every Monday evening at seven o'clock for carrying out the objects of our body"

N. Staffordshire Mercury 18 May 1844

"Meeting on Crown Bank, Hanley

On Monday evening last a meeting was held on the Crown Bank to return thanks to Mr Alderman Copeland and Mr Ricardo, the members for this borough and to Mr.T Duncombe for their opposition to the obnoxious master and servants bill, also against the Irish Registration Bill and in favour of the release of Thomas Cooper. The number present has been variously estimated at from 1000 to 2000. Mr. Jeremiah Yates was in the chair."


N. Star 2 March 1844
Reports on visits to Chartist prisoners are given and in a discussion at Bilston on Linney.

"Mr Mason said he had written to Mr. Yates who had been co-prisoner with Linney and had returned some few months since having served the term of his imprisonment."

On Linney's release from prison there were great celebrations at Bilston and N.S. reports on 6 July 1844:

N.S. 6 July 1844

"On Monday last this persecuted patriot made his public entry into this town after an imprisonment of one year and nine months - -Mr Linney rode in carriage and pair accompanied by the veteran Richards, Mr. J. Yates of Hanley etc" Jeremiah seconded a Resolution congratulating Linney on his release.

"Mr Linney and about one hundred friends sat down to a substantial dinner and, after discussing the good things of this life, a ball was held --- The friends separated highly delighted with the day's proceedings".

N. Star 5 Oct 1844 announced:


Mr Yates of the Staffordshire Potteries (late of the Millbank Penitentiary) will address the people of Nottingham --- at the Democratic Chapel"

In NS 12 Oct 1844 it was reported that there had been:

"a crowded and attentive audience" and the speakers were thanked for "their indefatigable exertions in the Democratic cause"

NS 7 June 1845 reported on a speaking tour by Thomas Clark of Stockport:

"Hanley. On Sunday evening I again lectured on the Crown Bank, Hanley to a very large meeting. Mr. Jeremiah Yates, one of the most persecuted men in the Chartist movement (and that is saying a great deal) acted as President 

"In Hanley the people are all pretty well employed and, notwithstanding, there is perhaps a better spirit prevailing amongst the working classes than in most other parts of the country ---- It was only required that a man should be a known Chartist to subject him to the vilest persecution and, worse than all, to proscription from employment, which moans starvation for himself, his wife and family"

NS 6 Dec 1845: 

A list of delegates elected to the Chartist land Conference included

"Mr. J. Yates - Birmingham District"

(Birmingham is either a mistake - or the Potteries was included in this district)

NS 27 Nov 1847:

"To the Chartists and Honest working Men of the Staffordshire Potteries - Brother Chartists, Now's the day and now's the hour to rally to the camp of liberty - - - -"

After a powerful appeal "A few of the good and true have re-established a Branch of the National Charter Association in the hope of furthering those just glorious and immortal principles contained in the the People's Charter"

It appealed to supporters to give a penny a week and "to leave those dens of infamy - the beer houses - and attend our meetings - -- Subscriptions will be received from persons disposed to becoming members from 7 to 10 o'clock every Saturday evening at Mr. J. Yates, Miles Bank, Shelton.


Jeremiah Yates took the chair at a meeting in the
Christian Brethren's Room to elect a delegate for
Hanley and Shelton in the proposed National Chartist
Assembly in London.
S Mercury 22 April 1848:

"On Mon 28 April 1850 O'Connor was present at the opening of the People's Hall at Hanley a splendid building purchased by the Chartists & Secularists - which was crowded on the occasion"

NS 4 May 1850:

Great Popular Demonstration in the Potteries.

"Monday last being the day appointed for the opening of the People's Hall in Hanley a tremendous excitement existed in the Potteries, Mr.O'Connor being announced as the person to open their Hall the whole population crowded to the Stoke Station to meet him. The deputation met him with a carriage and four ---- Yates, the veteran who has withstood all oppression, and several others were in the carriage with Mr. O'Connor.

Towards the end of a long speech at the evening official opening Mr. W.P. Roberts (of Bath) "alluded to Mr. Jeremiah Yates, the convinced Chartist and yet the Surveyor of Highways as an instance of what might be done when the people were determined and united"

The signatories to a loyal address to O'Connor as head of the Land Company included the signature "Jeremiah Yates, four acres"

NS 30 Nov 1850:

"The Potteries. On Sunday evening last the Chartists of Hanley and Shelton met at the house of Mr. J. Yates, Temperance Hotel, Crown Bank to reorganise their body. There was a numerous attendance and many individuals entered their names and paid subscriptions as members."