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Prestige and Progress - A Survey of Industrial North Staffordshire
1955 publication of North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce


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2   3 Title pages, publisher, picture (applying decoration to bowl) 
4 blank
5 Adv. Ridgway & Adderley Ltd. Booths & Colcloughs Ltd. (potters) (colour picture of Ash Hall)
6 Adv. Wengers Ltd (Etruria) (colours, glazes, minerals, raw materials etc.)
7 Adv. British Reinforced Concrete Engineering Co. Ltd. (Stafford)
8 Adv. Akron Standard (Engineers) Ltd. (Newstead, Trentham) (Tyre building equipment)
9 Adv. R. Goodwin and Sons (Engineers) Ltd. (Hanley) (Engineers and Ironfounders)
10 Adv. J Gimson & Co (1919) Ltd (Fenton) (ceramic holders/placers for pottery when firing) 
11 Adv. Royal Doulton (Burslem) (potter) 
12   13 Adv. The Glazed and Floor Tile Manufacturers' Association (pictures plus list of members)
14 Adv. John Maddock & Sons Ltd (Burslem) (Hotel ware)
15 Adv. Service (Engineers) Ltd (Burslem) (Pottery machinery manufacturers)
16 Adv. William Boulton Ltd. (Burslem) (Pottery machinery manufacturers)
17 Adv. Spode - W. T. Copeland & Sons Ltd. (Stoke) (potter)
18 Adv. Harrison & Son (Hanley) Ltd. (Seger Cones, raw materials etc.)
19 Adv. Cotton Bros Ltd (Longton) (colours, glazes, minerals, raw materials etc.)
Adv. Midlands Electricity (advert for electric firing kilns)
20 Adv. Acme Marls Ltd. (Hanley) (kiln furniture) 
21 Adv. Keeling & Walker Ltd (Stoke-on-Trent) (mould natches - to align the moulds to ensure accuracy)
Adv. Victoria Heating & Ventilating Co. Ltd (Cobridge) (pottery drying units)
22 Adv. E W T Mayer Ltd (Longport) (colours, glazes, minerals, raw materials etc.)
Adv. A G Hackney & Co Ltd (Hanley) (Industrial Ceramics) 
23 Adv. English Electric (Stafford) (Electric generator plant and equipment)
24 Adv. J Hewitt & Son (Fenton) Ltd (ceramic holders/placers for pottery when firing) 
25 Adv. Wood & Sons (Burslem) (potters)
26 Index of feature articles
27 Introduction to brochure. H. Francis Wood (President of North Staffs Chamber of Commerce) & Robert Menzies (Prime Minister of Australia)
28 Facts and figures about North Staffordshire
29 What is made where?
30 Picture "That inherited skill of the pottery workers..."  - potter & apprentice at work
31   32 Art. "Trends and Economics"
33   34 Art. "New Horizons in Ceramic Research" - by the Director of British Ceramic Research Association
35 Adv. Blyth Colour Works Ltd. (Creswell) (colours, glazes, minerals, raw materials etc.)
36   37 Art. "Men of Rubber" article on two 'rubber' companies - neither are named (but one is Michelin) 
38 Adv. Johnson Bros (Hanley) Ltd. (potters)
39   40 Art. "The Potteries - here we come!" - 'lightweight guide for visitors from overseas'
41 "The Seasons Round..." two photographs of rural Newcastle-under-Lyme
42   44 Art. "Engineering Unlimited" 
43 Adv. Geo. L. Ashworth & Bros Ltd. (Hanley)  Masons Patent Ironstone China
45 Art. "The science of Insulation"
46   47 Art. "Stafford - Town of Contrasts"
48   49 Art. "The call for coal"
50 Art. "A look at Leek"
51 52 53 Art. "The story of Toby and character jugs"
54  55 Art. "Some of Britain's finest acres" The problems and progress of agriculture, amid the industrial complex of North Staffordshire
56 Adv. West Midlands Gas Board
57 58 59 Art. "Venture in Education" Article on the University College of North Staffordshire (Now Keele University)
60 Art. "Ceramic Colours"
61    62 Art. "The power behind Industry" Article on electricity
63 Art. "Success Story of Stone" 
Adv. J & G Meakin
64  65 Art. "Arnold Bennett came from Burslem" article by Bennett's nephew
66  67 Art. "The new college of Ceramics" article on North Staffordshire Technical College
68  69 Art. "An unparalleled call for gas"
Photos: "Five distinguished Visitors to North Staffordshire"
Art. "Newcastle-under-Lyme  a key town"
70 Adv. Taylor Tunnicliff & Co Ltd (Eastwood, Hanley) (porcelain insulation)
71 Art. "World trade in tiles"
72 "A guide to some of the leading firms of North Staffordshire"
Acme Marls Limited, Akron Standard (Engineers) Ltd, Geo. L. Ashworth & Bros. Ltd, C. J. Bains & Co. Ltd.
73 "A guide to some of the leading firms of North Staffordshire"
Blythe Colour Works, William Boulton Ltd, E. Brain & Co. Ltd, "BRICESCO", The British Reinforced Concrete Engineering Co. Ltd, The British Thomson-Houston Co. Ltd.
74 Photos: "Yesterday and today" Hanley old Town Hall & Wood & Sons new factory. 
75 "A guide to some of the leading firms of North Staffordshire"
Brittains Limited, The Diamond Clay Co. Ltd, Royal Doulton, English Electric, The Gibbons Group.
76 "A guide to some of the leading firms of North Staffordshire"
The glazed and Floor Tile Manufacturers' Association, R. Goodwin & Sons (Engineers) Ltd., Harrison & Son (Hanley) Ltd, J. Hewitt & Son (Fenton) Ltd, Johnson Brothers (Hanley) Ltd, John Maddock & Sons Ltd.
77 "A guide to some of the leading firms of North Staffordshire"
Minton, Ridgway, Adderley Booths & Colcloughs Limited, Service (Engineers) Ltd, Spode, Taylor Tunnicliff & Co. Ltd.
78 "A guide to some of the leading firms of North Staffordshire"
The Wade group, Wengers Ltd, West Midlands Gas Board, Wood & Sons.
79 Adv. Keeling & Walker Ltd (Stoke-on-Trent) (colours, glazes, minerals)
Adv. Runcorn Docks The "Potteries Port" - Manchester Ship Canal Co
80 Adv. Wade, Wade Heath & Co Ltd, Geo. Wade & Son Ltd, (Burslem) (potters)
81 Adv. The Diamond Clay Co. Ltd (Kiln Ware)
Adv. John Taylor (Buyer - Confirmer - Shipper)
82 C.J. Baines & Co Ltd. (colours, glazes, minerals)
83 Adv. J. W. Ratcliffe & Sons (Shelton) (Pottery tools and equipment suppliers) 
Adv. Alfred Meakin (Tunstall) Ltd (potters)
84 Adv. E. Brain & Co Ltd, Foley English Bone China
85 Adv. Clemesha Bros & Birch Ltd. (Leek) Textile manufacturer
Adv. Weetman Giftware (Tunstall) Toby Jugs, Toy Ware, Novelties.
86 Adv. BRICESCO, British Ceramic Service Co. Ltd. Tunnel Kiln builders
87 Adv. Job White & Sons Ltd (Leek) knitwear manufacturer
Adv. Burgess & Leigh Ltd (Burslem) (potter)
88 Adv. Brittains Limited (Cheddleton & Hanley) Paper manufacturer
89 Adv. British Thomson-Houston (Trent Vale) Electrical Equipment
90 Adv. Minton (Stoke) (potters)
91 Adv. Edwards & Jones (Longton) (manufacturer of pottery machinery)
Adv. Wagstaff & Brunt Ltd (Longton) (potters)
92 Adv. Bullers Ltd. (Hanley) (Firing trial rings and kiln ware)
93 Adv. Simpsons (Potters) Ltd. (Cobridge)
Adv. Martin Colour Company Ltd. (Hanley)
(colours, glazes, minerals)
94 Index to advertisers
95 Adv. Myott, Son & Co. Ltd (Hanley) (Potters)
Adv. F. Malkin & Co Ltd. (Longton) (manufacturers of pottery decorating machines)
96 Adv. Gibbons Brothers Ltd. (Dudley) (Tunnel Kiln manufacturers)