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Grove House

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Grove House

The home of Charles Meigh. Stood near the junction of Snow Hill and Bedford Road.


date event
1831-4 (??) Grove house was built around this time. At this time St. Marks Church, Shelton was built, "together with a few streets north & west of the church and Grove house farther west still".
c1840 "Grove House, altered and enlarged by Charles Meigh c.1840 and at that time containing a fine collection of pictures, stood near the junction of Snow Hill and Bedford Road."
1849 At this time Grove House was owned by Charles Meigh senior but occupied by Charles Meigh junior.

Victoria History of the county of Stafford Vol VIII
Ward: Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent  (1843)

Grove House - The Residence of Charles Meigh Esq.
Grove House 
The Residence of Charles Meigh Esq.

From: Ward (1843) - the church in the background is St. Mark's, Shelton.


"Mr. CHARLES MEIGH’S house, called Grove-House, adjacent to Mr. Wright’s, has undergone, and is under going, improvement and enlargement; and, as connected with it, we must notice the splendid gallery of pictures, and the extensive and valuable library of its liberal owner. Our limits and design forbid copious details, but we cannot avoid expressing the admiration we have felt in viewing Mr. Meigh's picture-gallery, containing a large collection of ancient and modern art, some particulars of which we should think it unpardonable to omit.
It is said to be the opinion of eminent Connoisseurs that so choice and valuable a selection of paintings, for its size, is scarcely to be met with in the hands of any private individual ; and we are happy in being enabled to direct the admirers of the fine arts to so rare an object of attraction , in a situation where it would be by no means expected.....

Of Mr. Meigh's valuable library we can merely find room to observe, that it contained at least 4,000 volumes of the most selected works on Theology, History, Biography, Poetry, and Miscellaneous Literature, besides a large and curious collection of drawings and engravings.

We may observe that Mr Meigh has greatly improved and embellished the neighbourhood of his residence, by purchassing and planting the site of a large pot-work (formerly W. Shirley's), by widening the approach into Shelton from Newcastle, and by many local alterations."

From: Ward (1843)