5. Address of the Female national Charter Association of Upper Hanley and Smallthorne: Northern Star Newspaper, 29th Jan, 1842

Fellow-countrywomen and countrymen

Men, (we appeal to you) should this be so? you who pride yourselves on your superior intellect, strength and courage; should you be apathetic; you with all your boasted advantages, should you be indifferent to the suffering privations and destitution of your wives, your children, and yourselves? Surely not. It cannot be, that the father of a family can endure to see the wife of his bosom, the children of his love, pine and die for want, when a remedy lies open before his eyes, a remedy easy to be obtained and only wanting the united energies of labour's sons to obtain that which would at once and for ever arrest the downward march of labour's children, and put an end to all these evils now so severely felt by all.