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Fenton Park Methodist - Fenton

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Minister: Rev John Palmer (from Sept 1st 2001)
Treasurer: Joe Boulton
Previous minister: Rev Leslie J Marsh

Fenton Park was built on the site of the blacksmiths workshop. Six of the local stalwarts mortgaged their houses to pay for the original building which opened in 1900. Real faith. The second building was for the Sunday School is now the Church Hall.
The Church is located high on the hill, very near to the television mast, and the neon empty cross can be seen proclaiming the good news, each night, for many a mile. 
As the year 2000 was the centenary a capsule containing items of interest to future generations, was buried in front of the altar.
The Church Hall is well used by the local community as a playgroup, martial arts, Saturday dances, aerobics, Brownies and Guides as well as serving the needs of the Church.

Methodist Church on the corner of Fenpark Road and Fenton Park
Methodist Church on the corner of Fenpark Road and Fenton Park 


Detail on the gable - the stone reads:
"United Methodist 1900"


Date on this extension is 1934
Date on this extension is 1934

photos taken 2000 (in the Centenary year)


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