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The Mount - home of Josiah Spode II


The Mount at Penkhull was the home of the pottery manufacturer Josiah Spode II. It was built in 1803 and included accommodation for servants as well as Spode's family.


Figure 1: Plan of Josiah Spode's House

  Plan of Josiah Spode's House



"The Mount" was built c.1803-4. 

The house was described by John Ward c.1840 as follows:
'Of the mansions within the Township of Penkhull, (we may say, indeed, within the compass of the Borough,) "THE MOUNT," erected by the late Josiah Spode, Esq., bears acknowledged pre-eminence. It stands near the village, and is surrounded by plantations and a highly-ornamental domain. The house is an oblong building of stone, with a semi-circular entrance on the west front; an elegant and lofty dome, which lights the staircase, gives an exterior air of grandeur to the structure."

Photograph of The Mount (2000)
Photograph of The Mount (2000)

Even today, the house is an imposing structure which was built to impress upon all visitors the commercial success, wealth and status of its owner. It is built mainly of brick with stone used to emphasise its architectural features. 


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