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Housing in Stoke-on-Trent


St. Marks Street - Hanley


The plan below shows number 14 St. Marks Street, which was built around 1840 and demolished in the mid 1980s. 

This house, which was fairly typical of many working-class houses in the town, had a living-room-cum-kitchen, with a built-in cooking range over the fireplace, and a parlour downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs. 

Resident in this house in 1881 was Samuel Naylor, aged 57, a general labourer. He was married but his wife appears to have been absent on census day.

The census returns show us that there were 67 houses in the street of which two were empty. In total, there were 334 people living in the street, giving a density of 5.14 persons per house - slightly below the mean for the whole town. 

The working-class character of the street was shown in the occupations of its inhabitants, which included many pottery workers but also a few clerks and dealers. At 6.84, the average gross estimated rateable value of houses in the street was 4.38 below the mean for the town as a whole.


Plan of no 14 St. Marks Street - Hanley
Plan of no 14 St. Marks Street - Hanley




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