Palace Cinema

Location and period of operation:

Palace Albion Street, Hanley 1932



The Palace, which opened on Boxing Day 1932, was another of Hanley’s enormous ‘pleasuredromes’ which Bill Cawley remembers going to:

We used to go to the Palace in Hanley ... that was a huge cinema, huge. I think it would hold about 2000 people, but it was huge, and it was a wooden structure and it used to be a skating rink and before that they had boxing matches and all things but it was converted in a cinema early in the thirties. I saw King Kong there ...




Palace Cinema - location 5
Albion Street Street, Hanley
From 1947 Pottery Gazette




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Aerial photo of Hanley c.1957

Bottom right corner is the town hall with the large Palace cinema opposite.
Top left corner is St. John's church and just below this the old market (now replaced by
the Potteries Shopping Centre.



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