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Edwin Bodley


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Edwin Bodley, Burslem, c. 1875-92

Edwin James Drew Bodley worked part of Samuel Alcock's Old Hill Pottery at Burslem which had been divided into a china and a separate earthenware factory in 1867. 


The china section  (which was called Crown Works) were taken first by Bodley & Diggory and then by Bodley & Son until Edwin J.D. Bodley began to trade under his own name from June 25, 1875. From 1875 to October 31, 1888, he had William Telford as a partner, but this is not reflected in the trade style E.J.D. Bodley. 


Good quality porcelains were produced in the 1875-92 period. On the evidence of the high fractional pattern numbers found on registered forms of 1876, it appears that Bodley continued the former Samuel Alcock and Hill Pottery Company's pattern-number sequence; numbers such as 4/9172 occur. 

Edwin J.D. Bodley's porcelains normally bear impressed or printed name-or initial-marks, but care should be taken to distinguish between these and those of Edward Fisher Bodley & Co. (1864-82) or Edward Fisher Bodley & Son (1882-98), firms which produced earthenwares rather than porcelains.


Description & date

Printed Edwin James Drew Bodley mark

E J D B printed mark

Staffordshire Knot device

B & Co - for Bodley & Co
B & Co - for Bodley & Co

Staffordshire knot mark of New Bridge Pottery
Staffordshire knot mark of New Bridge Pottery
Edward F Bodley & Son
Bodley & Harrold

The following were used within the Staffordshire Knot:

B & Co - for Bodley & Co

New Bridge Pottery - for Edward F Bodley & Son

Scotia Pottery - used by Bodley & Harrold and also E F Bodley & Co


B & Co.

Bodley & Co



B & Son

Bodley & Son



Bodley Demi-tasse
Bodley Demi-tasse
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