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Manufacturers of earthenwares at Tunstall.

c. 1891-1948



Description & date

Printed mark, 1891-1906

with the use of the trade name "Royal Semi Porcelain"




Blue printed or painted mark found on Booths reproductions of 18th-century blue and white Worcester porcelain, c. 1905-20.

Other marks used by this firm incorporate the name 'BOOTHS'.

NOTE: Booths' reproductions are of opaque earthernwares, whereas the originals were in transparent porcelain.





Printed marks c. 1906+

With or without "England"


Note the use of the trade mark "Silicon China"







These three marks are all found on the same plate.  


Standard "Silicon China" mark with "MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN"



This impressed "BOOTHS" mark was on the same ware as the printed Great Britain mark above


"GR VI" is for King George VI who became king of the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) in 1936. 




Printed mark 1912+

With or without "England" or "Made in England" underneath the mark.

Sometimes with "1750" divided either side of the mark.



Printed marks 1930+

Sometimes with "Booths Limited England"

there were variations on these marks to 1948.


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