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Thomas Dimmock & Co

Albion Works & Tontine Street Works, Shelton, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent.

the marks shown below seem to have been used throughout the period 1829-59.

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Mark Description and date

The initial letter 'D' was used in association with printed marks by Thomas Dimmock.

NOTE: Davenports also used the initial letter 'D'

Bamboo Kaolin Ware KAOLIN WARE was a trade name and only used by Thomas Dimmock & Co. 

'BAMBOO' is the patern name

Pearl Ware PEARL WARE was a name used by a number of pottery manufacturers but the monogram..

was only used by Thomas Dimmock

Florentine Kaolin Ware Mark of Thomas Dimmock with the initial 'D', the monogram, PEARL WARE, KAOLIN WARE and the pattern name: Florentine 
Rhine, Kaolin Ware 'RHINE' is the pattern name

the registration diamond shows that this design was registered 7th May 1844.

>> see how the registration date is worked out

Vine Border Stone Ware STONE WARE was a name used by a number of pottery manufacturers.

The inital 'D' and the pattern style VINE BORDERS identify this mark as Dimmocks.

There were many Dimmock marks with the crown above the pattern, with the initial 'D'

Select Sketches, Menai Bridge, Stone Ware SELECT SKETCHES was a series of patterns produced by Dimmocks - this one was of the Menai Bridge.   

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