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North Staffordshire Pottery Marks


Thomas Forester & Sons (Ltd)


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Thomas Forester & Sons (Ltd)

Phoenix Works, Longton

1877 (Thomas Forester) 1883-1959 (& Sons)


Description & date

T F & S initials used on different marks, 1883-91
T F & S  LTD initials used on different marks, 1891+
printed mark 1891-1912

note the inclusion of the "LTD" or "LD"

this mark without the "LTD" dates c.1883-1891

printed china mark c.1912-59

From c.1925 onwards "MADE IN ENGLAND" was often added to the bottom of the mark - under the pattern name

note the use of the trade-name "Phoenix China"

T F S & S Ltd

"DARBY" is the pattern name



trade-names used on various marks, c.1910-59
printed china mark c.1925-59
printed china mark c.1925-59
ink stamped mark


ink stamped mark





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