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North Staffordshire Pottery Marks


George Jones (& Sons)


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examples of George Jones ware


George Jones (& Sons)

Manufacturers of decorative earthenware and majolica-style wares

From 1872 porcelain was also produced.

"& Sons" added 1873
"England" added from 1891
"Crescent China" appears on some marks from 1893

By 1896 George Jones was a  Limited company "George Jones & Sons Ltd" - however the "Ltd" does not seem to appear on the ware.

on the use of "ENGLAND" and "MADE IN ENGLAND"


Description & date

molded mark from a majolica dog dish.


Mark courtesy of R.K.Henrywood "Staffordshire Potteries 1781-1900"




The monogram only (i.e. GJ without the crescent) used c.1861-72/3 when the company was "George Jones" (without the "& SONS"

as either an impressed or moulded mark



this mark 'JG' on a raised blue pad
can be confused as 'GJ' - but it has no
connection wth George Jones.
it was used by Jean Gille of Paris, France
from c.1840's to 1868

Early George Jones marks. c.1861-1873

Some marks incorporate "Stoke-upon-Trent" and / or "Stone China"

on the use of the Royal Arms


Royal Patent Ironstone

an early George Jones & Sons mark (post 1873) bearing the Royal Coat of Arms.

probably dated c.1873-1907

Note the use of "ENGLAND" which generally indicated a date post 1891 - although some manufacturers ENGLAND before this date.

BRIAR is the pattern name. 

Note the introduction of the crescent shape but without the word "CRESCENT"

Printed mark on base and diamond registration mark for 16th September 1881 therefore this mark was after that date.

See note above regarding the use of "ENGLAND"


diamond registration mark for 1883 therefore this mark was after that date.



Mark courtesy of R.K.Henrywood "Staffordshire Potteries 1781-1900"


The ABBEY pattern was manufactured by GEORGE JONES AND SONS beginning in 1901. This pattern was originally known as ABBEY WREATH and had been produced by WILLIAM ADAMS in the 1840s. GEORGE JONES bought many of the ADAMS patterns in 1861.

post 1891 and pre 1921

Mark found on an eight sided plate - plate was made for & sold by Marshall Field & Co. Chicago.

Likely to have been produced by Geo Jones & Sons 

post 1891 and pre 1921

Example of printed or impressed mark c.1874-1924
"& Sons" added from 1873



In about 1907 the Trent Pottery was renamed the Crescent Pottery 

After 1924 most of the ware bore the name "CRESCENT" - some ware had the name CRESCENT as early as 1893.

However the marks on the left are probably pre 1921 as they have "ENGLAND" and not "MADE IN ENGLAND"

post 1920 marks

With the use of "MADE IN ENGLAND" 


the bottom mark has both "MADE IN ENGLAND" and "GREAT BRITAIN" 



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