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Kneeling Nude potter - "Late Mayers" 1790

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Kneeling Nude potter - "Late Mayers" 1790


"The extensive works at Dale Hall (or Dale Hole, as it used to be written), founded in 1790 originally belonged to Joseph Stubbs - a successful manufacturer of earthenware during the 1822-5 period, who having retired from business, died in 1836. He was succeeded in about 1843 by Messrs. Thomas, John & Joshua Mayer, who from 1855 traded as Mayer Brothers & Elliot, and from them the works passed through the firms of Mayer & Elliot, Liddle, Elliot, & Co., Bates, Elliot & Co., Bates, Walker & Co., and Bates, Gildea & Walker to the firm of Gildea & Walker during the 1881-6 period."

"The marks of Messrs. Mayer were T.J.&J. MAYER; MAYER BROS, etc. Those of the later firms were BATES, WALKER & Co.
PATENTEES (or other successive changes), on an oval ribbon, with date, etc., of registration inside; and a nude figure kneeling and holding a ewer in front of him, on a tablet with the date 1790.

This device was introduced in a variety of ways, with the initials B.W. & CO., B.G. & W., or G. & WĄ LATE MAYERS, and the name of
the pattern, etc. On some, the device is surrounded by a circular ribbon, on others by a triangular one.
Messrs. Gildea & Walker continued to 1886. The Dale Hall Works were subsequently worked by Keeling & Co. (Ltd.) from 1886 to 1936. They used the above mark with the initials K & Co. B."

Jewitt's "Ceramic Art of Great Britain 1800-1900", 


Why is the ware marked with the date "1790"?

If you have a piece of pottery with this date "1790" printed on the bottom, then one thing you can be sure of - it was not made in 1790.
The earliest date it can be is 1870, and it may be as late as 1936.

It was not unusual for potters to try to establish an early date, to try to give their ware some sense of history and value. The occupiers of the Dale Hall pottery works used the date "1790" - which was the date the works were first built by Joseph Stubbs.
The wording "LATE MAYERS" refers to Thomas, John & Joshua Mayer who operated from 1843.


on the Dale Hall Pottery Works



Bates Elliot & Co


Bates, Walker & Co

BW & Co


"BAMBOO" is the pattern name





Bates, Gildea & Walker

B G & W


"POMEGRANATE" is the pattern name

Gildea & Walker

G & W


"MELBOURNE" is the pattern name

James Gildea





Keeling & Co

K & Co
Keeling & Co



Dale Hall Pottery Co

"ALPINE" is the pattern name

1892  - concurrent with Keeling and Co




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