Memories of Stoke-on-Trent people - Vince F


Vince F


Meir & the "Potts"

I came across your web site quite by accident whilst surfing - it was an unexpected tour of the  'Potteries" from a entirely different view point and obviously the entire region must have changed since my time from the existence called 'life' in the 'Five or Six Towns ' which was not  quite as quite as rosy as it is  now  pictured and to which I can say with certitude , [ having been born  [1929]  raised in the Meir and lived there until 1946 when I volunteered for army service prior to  being conscripted ] which accomplished two things......

   [1] choice of service branch instead of having to take pot-luck   

  [2]  the unbelievable chance to escape the boring and oppressive existence called 'life' in those 'drab industrial towns' especially Longton where I worked for some 2 yrs and where the sun was only a figment of one's imagination---- since it was rarely seen due to the smoke and grime floating in the air.


Within 3 months of joining-up I found myself in Palestine now known as Israel and in the midst of the conflict that was in effect at that time ---as a young un it was intimidating to say the least ---but as an experience it was infinitely better by far than the' life' which I had known in the 'potts' ---  at the very least one could breath clean air , albeit at times with a touch of sand but -- - - - -  one could see -- and ''feel the sun ,

"A Whiff from the Potteries"

I have never returned to that ''England'  and when I was demobbed traveled the world eventually ending up in Canada where I have lived for the last 40 yrs. last year we took a trip to Cornwall  which is to all accounts is  the last bastion of the England that I read about in my youth and which invoked a feeling of well-being ---- almost pride of having been born in the UK


But I share Arnold Bennett's desire and ability to place a great distance from the place that I was deposited at birth and those grim memories of the  life that would have been had World War 2 not have intervened and hence the conscription that followed which was my ticket to life.

Thanks for the opportunity to sound off --- and --- no offence intended.

Vince F.


Sept 2005