Colliery Closures


Deep mining was considered to be expensive compared to opencast projects, while competition from abroad and the ‘‘dash for gas'' were other reasons for the nationwide pit closures.

Berry Hill (Fenton) - 1960's
Park Hall (Longton) - 1960's
Hanley Deep - 1960's
Mossfield (Longton) - 1960's
Kemball (Fenton) - 1960's
Glebe (Fenton) - 1960's
Foxfield - 1960's
Parkhouse (Chesterton) - 1960's
Stafford (Fenton) - 1960's
Apedale - 1960's
Chatterley Whitfield - 1970's
Norton - 1970's
Victoria (Biddulph) - 1980's
Wolstanton - 1980's
Holditch - 1980's
Hem Heath (Trentham) - 1996
Silverdale Colliery - December 1998



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