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Halls Model Lodging House, Union Street, Hanley 

Union Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

Halls Model Lodging House, Union Street, Hanley 
Situated at Nos. 103 to 111 Union Street Hanley. 
It was a large establishment and had over 70 residents in the 1891 census. It was demolished in the 60s to make way for the Potteries Way.

The people in the photo are:

 Man in cart: Samuel Knapper Hall II, (1860 - 1916)
Boy in cart:  Albert Hall, grandson of SKH II  ( - 1956)

Women in doorway: 
Left: Violet Hall, daughter of SKH II (1887 - )
                             Right: Ellen Hall, nee Toft, daughter-in-law of SKH II (1880 - 1960)

The Model Lodging House provided for itinerant workers who could not afford expensive accommodation. 
In the 1881 census, the Hall (SKH I) family lived at 111 Union Street, and in 107 & 109 there were 36 lodgers, of all ages, including some families. The Lodging House went right up to the junction with Hope Street.
In 1891 the next generation of Halls (SKH II) were in residence, along with 79 lodgers, whose ages varied between 9 and 71, and it was officially called Halls Model Lodging House. 
The sign can be seen in the picture. 
At No 99 lived the Lawton (?) family of 6, and at 95 was the Brammer family of 8. Quite a concentrated population within a few metres! the Hall family eventually expanded into most of that end of Union Street, my grandmother having been born at 109 in 1886, and other living family members also having been born at 109 and another at 91 in 1930. Apparently further along Union Street in later years one of the Hall family operated a factory manufacturing porcelain dolls heads!
In the 1888 and 1892 Kelly's Directories both listed Samuel Hall as Shopkeeper at 111 Union Street. Samuel Halls New Model Lodging House was mentioned in both the 1907 and 1912 Sentinel Potteries and District Directories.
The 1865-66, 1869-70, and 1873-74 Keates Potteries Directories describe Samuel Hall of 41 Marsh street as coal dealer, coal dealer, broker and furniture dealer, broker and coal dealer, respectively. In 1871 my great grandmother, wife of SKH I was listed as a Marine Store Dealer while living at 41 Marsh Street. Some members of the Hall family were also associated with the Granville Hotel in Clarence Street (now Sampson Street).

Contributed by:-
Keith Hackney
Havelock North, New Zealand
July 2002


1881 census:
Dwelling: 111 Union St
Census Place: Stoke Upon Trent, Staffordshire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Samuel HALL  M 48 M  Head  Kidsgrove, Stafford, Coal Miner [Handicap: Blind]
Mary A. HALL M 43 F Wife Hanley House Duties
Eliza HALL  U 16 F Daur Hanley Dressmaker
Mary A. HALL  U 14 F Daur Hanley Scholar
Rosanna HALL 12 F Daur Hanley Scholar
Thomas H. HALL 10 M  Son Hanley Scholar


1881 census:
Dwelling: 109 & 107 Union St Common Lodging House
Census Place: Stoke Upon Trent, Staffordshire, England


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
George WALKER  U 50 M  Lodger (Head)   Butcher
Nathanial LYCETT  U 40 M Lodger   Labourer
Thomas FROST  U 37 M  Lodger   Shoe Maker
Samuel DARBYSHIRE  U 21 M Lodger   Bricklayer
Harry YELB  U 25 M  Lodger   Polisher (Artzn)
Richard EGERTON  U 18 M  Lodger   Potters Presser
Joseph GREEN  U 41 M  Lodger   Stone Mason
Richard MASSEY  U 33 M  Lodger   Butcher
George COX  U 35 M Lodger   Labourer
John HOOPER  U 55 M  Lodger   Bricklayer
John H. RYLES U 59 M  Lodger   Paver
George TAYLOR  M 29 M  Lodger   Bricklayer
Elizabeth TAYLOR  M 23 F  Lodger    
Edward MOORHOUSE  U 40 M  Lodger   Labourer
Robert FLETCHER  U 34 M  Lodger   Cooper
John LEWIS  M 46 M  Lodger   Cabinet Maker
Sarah LEWIS  M 38 F  Lodger    
Margaret LEWIS  U 1 F  Lodger    
William BROUGH  M 28 M  Lodger   Labourer
Ann BROUGH  M 29 F Lodger    
William BROUGH  5 M Lodger    
Daniel BROUGH  3 M  Lodger    
Elizabeth BROUGH  4 m F  Lodger    
Thomas HANGS  U 19 M  Lodger   Coal Miner
William STUBBS  U 47 M  Lodger   Labourer
John TINSLEY  U 40 M  Lodger   Brick Maker
David HAWLEY  M 28 M  Lodger   Brick Maker
Leticia HAWLEY  M 24 F Lodger   Potters Presser
Harriet HAWLEY  U 5 F  Lodger    
Eliza HAWLEY  U 3 F  Lodger    
Isaac KIRKHAM  M 33 M  Lodger   House Painter
Mary A. KIRKHAM  M 27 F  Lodger    
Louisa J. KIRKHAM  U 12 m F  Lodger    
William KIRKHAM  U 3 M  Lodger    
James EDWARDS  M 35 M  Lodger   Artist (Painter)
Jane EDWARDS  M 34 F  Lodger