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contents: 2008 photos

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a montage of people from the Potteries

a montage of people from the Potteries
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1 The Dish Maker
From the Wedgwood factory - 'bats out a flat piece of clay, lays it on a mould which is the shape of the upper surface....'
2 Group of Stoke-on-Trent Mothers - 1956
3 Halls Model Lodging House 
Union Street, Hanley - The Model Lodging House provided for itinerant workers who could not afford expensive accommodation
4 Tile Making
Richard's tile-shop, pressing the tiles in a semi-automatic press.
5 Young girls working in a 'slip house'
6 Stephen Liversage's pawnbrokers shop in Furlong Parade, Burslem
7 Masons Arms, Dilke Street, Northwood - 1904
Zilpah Turner, Licensed Retailer of Ale Beer . Porter . Cider & Tobacco
8 348 Cobridge Road - at the junction with Waterloo Road
9 Local Resident  Mrs Dissington
the front of this house was in Garden Row (now
Bowness Street), Cobridge
10 No. 9 Branch. Burslem Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd
11 The Saggar Makers Bottom Knocker
made the base of the saggar from a lump of fireclay which he knocked into a metal ring using a wooden mallet or mawl (pronounced mow).