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Remains of the 1223 Hulton Abbey

Remains of the 1223 Hulton Abbey

The site of Hulton Abbey is located just off the junction of the A5009 Leek Road and Woodhead.

The Abbey was founded by Henry De Audley in 1219 and consecrated in 1223. Following the dissolution in 1538 the site eventually was lost until 1884; it was located during a chance excavation.

Abbey Hulton takes its name from the former Hulton Abbey, which was located about half a mile from Milton, on the east side of the road from Stoke to Leek, next to Carmountside Primary School. In the Domesday Book, Hulton is recorded as ‘Heltone’ meaning ‘hill town’

The monks were engaged in sheep-farming by the mid 13th century.  Granges were established at Rushton and Hulton soon after the foundation of the abbey, and there is mention of the abbey's sheepfold at Normacot in 1242.

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remains of the wall of Hulton Abbey
remains of the wall of Hulton Abbey

University staff and students are searching for medieval remains at the site of a ruined abbey. A team from Keele University used geophysical equipment to survey the grounds of Hulton Abbey, in Abbey Hulton, to find the graves of more than 100 monks and high-status figures such as abbots, which dated as far back as the 13th century.