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Marker at the corner of Greasley Road and Eaves Lane, Bucknall


corner Greasley Road and Eaves Lane, Abbey Hulton
corner Greasley Road and Eaves Lane, Bucknall

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the marker on Eaves Lane
the marker on Eaves Lane

Bird holding a stylised Fleur de Lys
Bird holding a stylised Fleur de Lys 
underneath appears to be the date: 1882 and the initials SOI


"Eaves is an adjoining hamlet to Bucknall, occupying the hilly ground to the north-east, but is now united with Bucknall for all civil purposes, and the two townships are together stated at 2586 acres. The surface is principally occupied for dairies and grazing. A principal estate in Eaves is called The Ash, and in the Ecclesiastical Survey, 36 Hen. VIII., of the revenues of the church of Stoke, Asche is mentioned as one of the places paying tithe to that Rectory, but Eaves is therein wholly omitted, from which we might be induced to infer that the more ancient name of this hamlet was Ash, and that Eaves has been substituted in modern times."

John Ward - The Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent. p528

"Bucknall is situated about a mile and a half east of Hanley. Eaves was once an adjoining hamlet to the north-east. The area, formerly predominantly rural with scattered early coal-workings, is now a largely residential suburb of Hanley......

The main estate in Eaves was called The Ash and a large house called Ash Hall was built on a site overlooking Bucknall by Job Meigh, a local landowner. It was considered to have ‘every purpose of domestic comfort, very few modern houses will bear comparison’."

Staffordshire Past Track

White's History, Gazetteer and Directory of Staffordshire - 1851 .........

"BUCKNALL-CUM-BAGNALL, with the EAVES and UBBERLEY, form a district rectory, ....., though they maintain their poor jointly with the rest of the parish of Stoke-upon-Trent. They comprise about 4200 acres of land, extending from 1 to 4 miles E. and N.E. of Hanley, bounded by the Trent and the Cauldon canal....

In 1841, they had 1608 inhabitants, of whom 638 were in Bucknall village, 1½ mile from Hanley; 374 in Bagnall; 382 in the Eaves, 3 miles E. of Hanley; and 214 in Ubberley.....

....In 1827, Wm. Willet, died at the Eaves..."

  • A small congregational chapel was opened in Eaves Lane  in 1808.

  • Bucknall School founded under the will (dated 1719) of William Shallcross of Uttoxeter, by which the testator gave £5 yearly to a school master to teach 12 poor children, provided the freeholders of Bucknall and Eaves built a school-house.

  • Robert Whilton  (d. 1729), in his will, left £1 rent-charge to provide bread twice a year, half to be distributed to poor of Eaves liberty in Bucknall chapel and half to poor of rest of parish in Stoke church.

From: A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 8 (1963)

view of the marker at the corner Greasley Road and Eaves Lane, Abbey Hulton
view of the marker at the corner Greasley Road and Eaves Lane, Bucknall


contents: 2009 photos