Hanley - Ivy House Area
going towards Ash Bank, Bucknall and Bentillee estates.

Ivy House Road Sign

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1775 map of Stoke-on-Trent

Meakin factory and the Cauldon Canal

 Meakins Eagle factory - 
looking from the draw bridge on Ivy House Road. 
The canal is the Cauldon.
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Meakins factory in bygone days.
Eagle Pottery 1859


The name plaque at the entrance to the works
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Front entrance of Meakin

Front entrance of the J & G Meakin Factory
Offices of Meakins Eagle Pottery
Meakin factory offices
Goodwin Foundry

Goodwin foundry - started 1883
Diagonally opposite the Meakin factory.
Taken from the drawbridge on Ivy-House Road.
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Lime Kiln Back - looking towards Bucknall

Lime Kiln Bank 
(used to be known as 'Bucknall by the Hill')
 looking towards Bucknall

Taken in the rush hour
This bank used to be such a problem for transport that it had to be heavily stone paved.
Ivy House Public House

The 'Ivy House' public house 
on the junction between Ivy House and
Bucknall New Road
Ivy House Hall - the TA barracks

Ivy House Hall on Lime Kiln Bank
The estate still remained until 1911.
(Now the Territorial Army barracks)
Wedgwood water trough
Diagonally opposite the 'Ivy House' public house - an old horse trough. Note the fountain on the side for human use.

The reason for the drinking trough was that this was the site of the Ivy House Toll Gate. This stood until the 1870's. There was one at the Junction of Keelings lane at Upper Green in 1820 and one to the South West a the junction of Hulton Street and Town Road.

Wording on Wedgwood water trough

'To Man and Beast All Akin'
'G. Wedgwood. 1879'


Photos taken October 1999 - S.C.Birks

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