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Mayer and Newbold, Lane End

Mayer and Newbold operated in Lane End from 1817 to 1833. The were forced into closure and the assets were sold by auction in 1833



one of Mayer and Newbolds potworks at Lane End in the North Staffordshire Potteries
one of Mayer and Newbolds potworks at Lane End in the North Staffordshire Potteries
an early 19th Century print of the works

picture: Stoke-on-Trent Reference Library and 'A History of Longton', J H Y Briggs


Mayer and Newbold jug





Within the Borough of Stoke-upon-Trent, in the County of Stafford.

At the House of Mr. James Russell, the Eagle Inn, in Lane End, Potteries, on Wednesday and Thursday the 13th and 14th of February next, in such lots as shall be agreed upon at the time of sale, and subject to such conditions as willl then  be then produced, viz.:

First Day

AN EARTHENWARE MANUFACTORY, in excellent repair, possessing every convenience tor carrying on an extensive business, eligibly situated on the western side of the lower Market-place, in Lane End, as lately occupied by Messrs. Mayer and Newbold.

Also, in lots, the site of a China Manufactory, with the buildings thereon, situate on the eastern side of Caroline-street, in Lane End aforesaid, as lately occupied by the said Messrs. Mayer and Newbold.

A commodious House, in Caroline-street, in Lane End, recently built, and occupied by Mr. Newbold.

Two small Houses, one at each end of the last mentioned House.

Twenty-five Houses, in Newbold's square, in Lane End aforesaid, sixteen of which are occupied by different tenants, and 9 are occupied bv Messrs. Fanlkener and Robinson, as workshops to their China Manufactory.

Second Day

A Croft or piece of Land, situate at the Green Dock, Lane End, containing 2A.3a or thereabouts, as now in the possession of Mr. Newbold or his tenants.

Also, two Cottages, with the gardens and ground attached, and in the several holdings of Benjamin Brian and Richard Monks, and a garden near thereto, in the holding ot Joseph Colclough.

In lots, 14 undivided 200th Shares in Lane End Lower Market Hall, Shambles, and Land attached.

A double Pew on the north side of the South Aisle, in Lane End Church, No. 91 and 92.

One undivided third Share of and in a Dwelling-house and an Earthenware Manufactory, with Land and Buildings attached, situate in Lane End aforesaid ; and of and in a double Pew, on the south side of the middle Aisle of Lane End Church, as now occupied bv Mr. Chesswas; and of and in a Dweliing-house, in Lane End Market Place, in the occupation of Mr. Davies, or such Share and Interest, as Mr. Newbold is entitled to therein or thereto, or to the monies to arise from the sale thereof.

And one undivided sixth part or share of and in about 10 acres of Land, and the Coals under about 16 acres and of and in 15 Dwelling Houses, situate at Lane Delph, now in the holdings of Thomas Snape, Samuel Allman, Joseph Shaw, and others, or such Share and Interest as the said Mr. Newbold is entitled to therein or thereto, and to the monies to arise from the sale thereof.

The above Property is more fully described in handbills; and further particulars may be had at the Bank of Messrs. HARVEY, or the Office of W.M. CLARKE, Attorney, in Lane End, where plans of the property may he seen.

The sale to commence precisely at four o'clock in the afternoon of each day.

Staffordshire Advertiser Newspaper 1833 



contents: 2010 photos