Renew? & Regeneration! - Stoke-on-Trent

"Renew, renovate, repair, restore suggest making something the way it formerly was. To renew means to bring back to an original condition of freshness and vigour" 

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Pathfinder, renew and housing
What is particularly frustrating about the housing issues in Stoke is that through their 'regeneration' agenda, they are in the process of creating an affordable housing problem via the demolition of the area's affordable housing.
The Coachmakers Arms
The East-West development... "Unfortunately it also involves destroying the surviving fragments of old Hanley"
"any competent architect could incorporate The Coachmakers Arms and its neighbours into a modern civilised urban development, but the task is evidently beyond, or beyond the brief anyway, of the developer's award-winning architects Benoy."
pottery factories - destined to crumble?
a rhetorical question why doesn’t the city council protect its grand, unique factories  - as flats, as malls, whatever – rather than removing all traces of what makes the city of any interest to the world?