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A Higher Grade School was opened in Hanley on April 18th 1894. 
A Higher Grade School was opened in Hanley on April 18th 1894. 

The school was renamed in 1905 as Hanley Municipal Secondary School and eventually Hanley High School with Grammar School status on the same site. Although a boys' school for many years it was mixed in later years. 

The school had to move when subsidence threatened to demolish it. It closed in 1939. 

Nothing remains of the old school (which was located on ground between Old Hall Street and Birch Terrace), and the site is now occupied by a 'bus station and a shopping area. 

 The school relocated and became Hanley High School at Chell and ultimately Hanley High School at Bucknall, both districts of the City. It lost its Grammar school status in the early 1970s when a Comprehensive system was adopted. 

W.M. Wilson (signatory of the book price mark above) was a long serving Head and was honoured by having a school House named after him.
Another House was named Mitchell in honour of Reginald Mitchell the designer of the Spitfire, the plane that was so instrumental in the defeat of the German airforce in the Battle of Britain. He was educated at Hanley High for a part of his school life. 

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