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East Avenue

On the 1937 OS map named East Avenue now named Bridle Path.

Elm Street


The estate building plan produced by George Ford for Henry Meakin shows the four streets laid out between Waterloo Road and Elder Road - one of these was Warburton Place (now Elm Street) which led to the Villa Pottery originally built by the Warburton family.

Elphinstone Road
Trent Vale
In the early 1950's when many of the city's streets were being renamed Lincoln Road in Trent Vale was renamed Elphinstone Road in honor of Charles Elphinstone.


Esperanto Way


Named after the Esperanto language created by Dr. Zamenhof from Poland in 1887. Horace Barks, the Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent in the 1950's was known as "Mr. Esperanto" because of his passion for the language. He persuaded Bass Worthington brewery to add the words 'la verda stelo' to the side of 'The Green Star' - giving the Esperanto translation to the name. Esperanto Way runs next to the pub. Nearby is 'Zamenhof Grove'