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Meigh Road
Meigh Road was named afte rthe pottery manufacturer Job Meigh II who purchased the Ash Hall estate and in 1837 built Ash Hall.


Meigh Street
Originally called Norfolk Street.
There was  steam flint mill in Norfolk Street which was acquired by the nearby Old Hall Earthenware Company in 1863
Meigh Street was named after the Meigh family who ran the Old Hall pottery works.

Mercer Street
Dresden, Longton

Originally Queen Street - then Princess Street, in the early 1950's renamed to Mercer Street.


Minerva Street
Named after the 'Minerva Pottery Works' in Park Street, Fenton.
The works gets its name from "Minerva" who in the Roman religion, was the goddess of handicrafts, the professions and the arts. Her shrine on the Aventine in Rome was a meeting place for guilds of craftsmen, including at one time dramatic poets and actors.
There was a pottery works on the site of the Minerva Works in Park Street  in the early 1760's.