Keelings Road, Northwood, Stoke-on-Trent

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Keelings Road



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Keelings Road, Northwood, Stoke-on-Trent

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Trinity Methodist, Northwood - Hanley
Trinity Methodist, Northwood - Hanley

Keelings Road / Bold St / Rose St

Front entrance from Bold Street

photos: 2000


Northwood C of E Junior School around 1957
Northwood C of E Junior School around 1957

The school was in effect built on a small island off Keelings Road with playgrounds on two sides. 

From where this is taken in the playground outside Mr Boggisís classroom, Keelings Road can be seen and the junction with Cardwell Street on the far right. If you continued up to the left you would see Trinity Methodist church (see photos above) between Rose Street and Bold Street

Ö Oh but itís all such a long time ago and by now the faces and names may well be very jumbled but here my best guess Ö left to right 

Back row: Elieen (who I think lived more towards Birches Head), nk, Valerie (who possibly lived in Cardwell Street), nk, Norma Bassett (whose parents I think ran the Hollybush pub across the road on the corner of Cardwell Street), Janet Biddle (Vincent Street)

Middle row: Irene Howells, Gerald (Yonna) James, Ronnie LeDoux, Derek (Dekka) Massey, Philip Oliver, nk, nk

Front row: Millicent (Miggi) Woodall, nk, Glenys Leigh (from the bottom end of Eaton Street), nk, nk, nk

Mats: nk, Harold Smith (who lived in Botany Bay Road)

Our teachers were: Mr Frank Alcock (Head) Mrs Keene who taught the top class, Mr Boggis, Mr Woolley, Mrs Lawton and peripatetically, Miss Lewis, the reading teacher.

A couple of the teachers in the infant section were Mrs Williams, Miss Mavis Lucas

photograph taken around Christmas 1960 at the school.
photograph taken around Christmas 1960 at the Northwood C of E Junior School.
This is Mrs Williamís class: she taught the oldest of the infants and here she has her left hand on the shoulder of my brother Jim Biddle.
The rest of the faces are a mystery to me though Ė except for Father Christmas who looks suspiciously like Mr Wolley from the senior school Ö just along the corridor. The vicar will be from Holy Trinity but again no name Iím afraid.


about 1947 with the school football team and a teacher who looks very much like Frank Alcock who later became headmaster. I wonder Ö


The photos of the school and description were kindly supplied by Janet Biddle,
who lived in Vincent Street (moved to Hong Kong).

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