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Pigot & Co's 1828/9 Directory of Staffordshire

page 724


GENTRY &c  - continued

Temple Rev. Isaac, Parsonage house, Lane End
Tilsley Cornelius, gent. Marsh st, Shelton
Twigg Joseph, esq. Dale hall, Longport
Twigg Wm, esq. King st, Burslem
Vale Rev. Benjamin, Stoke hall
Vernon James, gent. Twentieth row, Burslem
Walklate Richard, gent. High st, Lane End
Wall Rev. George, 5 Albion place, Shelton
Whieldon Rev. Edw. Middleport, Burslem
Wildig Rev. G. Norton-in-the-Moors
Williamson Hugh Henshall, esq. Greenwaybank, Tunstall
Wolfe Mrs. Church st, Stoke

not otherwise described are Day Schools

Barlow Lydia, Bridge st, Lane End
Bathwell Mrs. Waterloo rd, Burslem
Bourne Misses, King st, Burslem
BRITISH SCHOOL, Pall mall, Shelton - John Rowley, master
Brougham John, sen. Navigation road, Burslem
Buckle Mrs. Piccadilly, Shelton
Careless Rev. Edward, Wolstanton
Collinson Mary, Pleasant st, Burslem
Crowther John, Vauxhall, Lane End
Dale Thos. High st, Shelton
Emery Hannah, Longport
Hayes Mary, High st, Lane End
Heath Edna, Longport
Jones Mary & Eliza (boarding) Union st, Shelton
Kemp William (classical & mathematical) Waterloo road, Burslem
Magnus George Eugene (boarding) Etruria
Mellor Samuel Parker, New st, Hanley
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Commercial st, Burslem - Bagnall Baker, master
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Albion st, Shelton - James Pankhurst, master
NATIONAL SCHOOL, Church yard, Stoke - William Wright, master
Oxley Margt. Market st, Lane End 
Palethorpe Jos. Caroline st, Lane End
Roberts John, Market place, Stoke
Robey William (ladies & gentlemen's) Vauxhall, Lane End
Saunders George, Cobridge
Shaw Wm. Church st, Lane End
Stevens Susannah, Broad st, Shelton
Welsby William, Stoke
Whitehead Ann, Albion place, Shelton
Wood Dorcas (ladies) King st, Burslem
Worsdale John, Vauxhall, Lane End


Dawson Jas. Church st, Burslem
Peake Daniel, Tontine st, Hanley

(see also Fire, &c. Office Agents)

Brindley Thomas, Sneyd green
Cotton Benj. King st, Burslem
Farrington John, Hollins, near Talk-'oth'-Hill
Forrester John, Wedgwood place, Burslem
Hammersley, William, Lichfield st, Shelton
Phillips Jacob, Nunnery, Shelton


Bowme Saml. (drawing) Lane End
Bradshaw John (drawing) Hill st, Shelton
Hall William (drawing) Broad st, Shelton
Hulme Jesse (portrait, &c.) Albion place, Shelton
Lowe Thomas (drawing) Mount pleasant, Shelton
Sherwin Enoch (drawing) Hanley


Astbury Jas. Bagnall, Stoke
Bishop Wm. Shelton hall
Brown Hugh (& agent to the American consulate, and commissioner for taking affidavits in the Irish courts) Union street, Shelton
Clarke Wm. Church st. Lane End
Dent John (& coroner) Adventure place, Shelton
Fisher Peter, Hamill st, Burslem
Greatrex Alfred, Flint st, Lane End
Hales Alfred, Tunstall
Harding William & John Plant, Church street, Burslem
Hickes George, Tontine st, Hanley
Leigh Ralph, Tontine st, Hanley
Mousley Thos. High st, Hanley
Preston Jas. King st, Burslem
Tomlinson John & Frederick Wright (& notaries public) Cliff ville
Ward John, Furlong house, Burslem
Young George, High street, Lane End


James Robert, Tontine st, Hanley
Johnson Ralph, Wedgwood place, Burslem


Cooper Thos. Nile st, Burslem
Dean Wm. Commerce st, Lane End
Edge Wm. Market place, Burslem
Goodwin John, Market sq, Hanley
Harvey Wm. Broad st, Lane End
Hodgkinson Ts. Dale hall, Longport
Jones Thos. Market place, Stoke
Martin Mary, Market st, Hanley
Maskery Maria, Piccadilly, Shelton
Moor Martha, Swan st, Hanley
Peel Jos. Gt. Charles st, Lane End
Plant Jas. Cliff bank, Stoke
Sneyd Rd. Market place, Stoke
Tideswell Ts. Stafford row, Shelton
Vigers John, High st, Shelton
Walker George, Union Market place, Lane End
Waller Wm. High st, Lane End
Whittingham Thomas, St. John's square, Burslem


Harvey Charles & John, Church st, Lane End (draw on Sir R.C. Glyn & Co. London)
Moore Wm. - branch of Stone (open on Friday) Newcastle st, Stoke, (draw on Sir Jas. Esdaile & Co. London)
Wood & Holden, Market place, Burslem and on Saturday at the Tontine house, Hanley (draw on Jones & Co. London)


Bagnall Edward, High st, Lane End
Barcroft Wm. Hope st, Shelton


Ashley Peter, Etruria
Ashley Peter, jun. Marsh st, Shelton
Bailey Joshua, Flint st, Lane End
Beardmore Thos. Liverpool road, Burslem
Bostock Samuel, Abbey st, Hanley
Bostock Wm. (whitesmith) Hope st, Shelton
Brough Wm. Vauxhall, Lane End
Capper Jos. Market st, Tunstall
Cheadle John (whitesmith only) New road, North Stoke
Clarke Abraham, Cobridge
Clarke James, Chapel la, Burslem
Dobson Wm. Lane Delph
Ellerton Wm. Market st, Lane End
Hall John, Market place, Burslem
Large Saml. Market st, Stoke
Lawson Jas. Market place, Hanley

BLACKSMITHS - continued

Machin Jos. Mill st, Tunstall
Merry John, Newcastle st, Stoke
Parker John, Vauxhall, Lane End
Prichard Ts. Green dock, Lane End
Reeves Wm. Church st, Stoke
Scragg Jas. Church st, Lane End
Smith Jas. Marsh st, Shelton
Tew Thos. Charles st, Hanley
Warren Edw. Wood st, Lane End
Warren Pet. Bricker's field, Lane End
Waters Adam, Vauxhall, Lane End

(see also Booksellers)

Dodd Lawrence, Swan sq, Burslem
Moss John, Cornhill, Lane End


Allbut Thos. High st, Hanley
Brougham Steph. Market pl, Burslem
Forrester Eliz. Market st, Lane End
Gibbs Geo. Tontine st, Hanley
Palmer John, Market st, Lane End
Timmis Richd. St.John's sq, Burslem
Tomkinson Richard Cyples, Newcastle st, Stoke
Watts Chas. Gt Charles st, Lane End
Wordley Wm. Market sq, Hanley


Adams John, Broad st, Shelton
Austin Timothy, Tunstall
Bassington Edw. Caroline st, Lane End
Bradley Wm. Brunswick st, Shelton
Brassington Thos. Hill st, Stoke
Clowes Thos. New st, Burslem
Cornwell Jas. Union Mkt pl, Lane End
Coulter Hugh, Bedford row, Shelton
Darlington John, Market st, Hanley
Deakin Geo. Market st, Tunstall
Faram Thos. Market pl, Burslem
Garner Hugh, Cobridge
Goodall Jas. & Co. George st, Hanley
Hawkins Robt. Tontine st, Hanley
Hill Charles, Market st, Burselm
Jones Richd. Market st, Burslem
Lea Jas. Liverpool rd, Tunstall
Mayer Ephraim, Nile st, Burslem
Moston Thos. Church st, Burslem
Myatt Wm. Market pl, Tunstall
Platt Jas. Swan st, Hanley
Prince Ts. Mount pleasant, Burslem
Raby Chas. High st, Shelton
Ridgway Jos. Market st, Hanley
Rowe Jas. Market st, Hanley
Rowley Wm. Commerce st, Lane End
Skerratt Oliver, Cobridge
Smith Thos. High st, Hanley
Vyse Thos, Market st, Hanley


Hancock Wm. & John, Fenton
Kirk Christopher, Etruria
Stubbs John, Union st, Shelton


Brierley Luke, Tontine st, Hanley
Capper Thos. High st, Lane End
Dickin Wm. Market pl, Burslem
Hawkins Wm. High st, Lane End
Hooworth Joseph, Lane Delph
Hughes Geo. Market st, Lane End
Lea & Grosvenor, Market pl, Hanley
Wade Jos. St. John's sq. Hanley
White Thos. Market place, Hanley


Clews & Malkin, Broad st, Shelton
Glover Jas, Brewery st, Lane End


Askey Charles, John st, Shelton
Capper Han. Liverpool rd, Burslem
Herreman Thos. Etruria Wharf
Hill William, Gate st, Hanley
Lear Thomas, Longport
Leigh Elisha, Dale hall, Longport
Mawdsley John, Longport
Moss Jos. Union bldgs, Burslem
Plant John, Holehouse, Burslem
Reynolds Wm. Waterloo rd, Burslem
Tipper Thos. Bridge st, Lane End
Tutin Mary Ann, Bow st, Hanley
Wild Mary, Willow walk, Lane End
Williams Benjamin, Longport