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Unknown potters and marks of North Staffordshire

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The following are either unknown potters or have some
unsolved question relating to them.
if you can help with any - or have a mystery mark 
of your own then please email me: Steve Birks


J. J. Quick & Co Limited - Hanley

(11 Nov 2005) answer: J J Quick is listed in the 1884 & 1888 Kelly directory and the 1887 Porter directory.

see J J Quick cheese dish

Staffordshire Knot mark with "Made in England"

(6 Feb 03) answer: "Seaforth" was a pattern made by Wood & Sons. They also used a Staffordshire Knot with a crown above and "Wood & Son" below - it could be that very early ware had a plain Staffordshire knot.

Beehive mark with "Trade Mark" unusual mark with the "circle" on top of the beehive. 

Registration number 7624 was first registered in 1884

A number of manufacturers used the beehive mark



Staffordshire Knot mark with "OC & Co" and a crown above

(note the top picture is the actual mark - the bottom picture is just to give a clear idea of the initials)

The Stafford knot was commonly used by North Staffordshire potters - However there is no known North Staffordshire, England with these initials.

Comments from the Potteries Museum:

>> the Ohio China Company, East Palestine, Ohio, 1896-c.1912.  Made whiteware, and flow blue ware.
>> the Ohio China Company of Monroe, Michigan, 1931 - present day.  Apparently a sales agency, selling products made by other potteries.
>> Oliver China Company of Sebring Ohio, 1899-1909.  They
apparently made semi-porcelain earthenwares.

These are all American potters, none of who seemed to use this mark? - it is not unknown for companies to use marks to try to enhance their value or prestige. 

N H & Co with "ENGLISH BONE CHINA" "ENGLAND" and a toby jug logo.

this mark was found on some parts of a 21 piece tea set. 

The cups are marked Royal vale china
The plates etc are        N H & C Ltd
                                  No. 3702

all the items are of the same pattern.

Royal Vale China was trade name of H J Colclough (1897-1937) and you can see the pattern 3072 on the following web page: >> H J Colclough

However the only N.H. Co which can be located are Neale, Harrison & Co c.1875-1882, Elm Street, Hanley, china and earthenware manufacturers.  However, a dissolution of partnership notice dated 1882 states that the company were merchants, not decorators or manufacturers. Also the dates do not match those of H J Colclough.

So the question is who is NH & Co? - why did they produce part of a H J Colclough tea set. 



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 updated: 11 Nov 2005