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Unknown potters and marks of North Staffordshire

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The following are either unknown potters or have some
unsolved question relating to them.
if you can help with any - or have a mystery mark 
of your own then please email me: Steve Birks


"Sandon" would be the pattern name

JCS & Co
China Works


 the JCS & Co mark
The Potteries Museum were unable to find out who JCS & Co might be.  They also checked through their records of who worked in the Foley China Works, but none of the occupant's names fit these initials.

(20 July 2005) answer: The initials are "JGS" the middle initial is a G and not a C - the mark transfer was faulty. The potter was: J Goodwin, Stoddard & Co



Index for Unknown potters & Marks


 updated: 20 July 2005