A photo walk around Ash Hall, Werrington Stoke-on-Trent
Job Meigh & the Ash Hall Estate


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Ash Cottage

In 1851 Job Meigh rebuilt Ash Cottage, using local sandstone.

Ash Cottage is located by the entrance to the Bridle Path and was the home of the estate gardener responsible for the upkeep of the formal gardens around the Hall and the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables from the greenhouse and kitchen garden located by the rear entrance off the Bridle Path (see map). 

This was a strategic location in the mid nineteenth century because the Bridle Path was the route of coal carts from Hanley Hayes Colliery to the Hanley-Cheadle Turnpike Road. The exploitation of the coal seams under the estate - reflected in the names of the fields: “Coal Pit Field” and “Slack Pit Field” — helped to pay for the construction of the new estate buildings and the enlargement of the estate.


Ash Cottage, located on the corner of Ash Bank and Bridle Path
Ash Cottage, located on the corner of Ash Bank and Bridle Path


Detail on the cottage
Detail on the cottage

photos: July 2000



1851 census for Ash Cottage:


Marr | Age 

  Birthplace Occupation
Joseph Weston Married 53 Head  Staffs, Knightly Gardener 
Hannah Weston  Married 59 Wife  Staffs, Cheadle


1881 census for Ash Cottage:


Marr | Age | Sex

  Birthplace Occupation
Thos. BARNES M 47 M Head Morton Gardener
Louisa BARNES M 33 F Wife Bordeslow
George BARNES 7 M Son Lawton,Cheshire Scholar
Hannah BARNES 5 F Daughter Lawton Scholar
Annie BARNES 2 F Daughter Lawton
Joseph BARNES 7 m M  Son Bucknall
William BARNES 40 M  ?? ?? ??

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