Master Potters in Georgian  Burslem (1714-1837)






Drinking during working hours

Enoch Wood was not just concerned about the sale of alcohol on Sundays. He and the other pottery manufacturers also took steps to control the sale of beer to their workmen during working hours.

Enoch Wood heads the list of manufacturers who issued the following notice in 1815. To reinforce their message they had two publicans convicted in 1816. 

The Staffordshire Advertiser reported:

"Two publicans in Burslem have this week been convicted before the magistrates of that district for allowing several journeymen potters to remain tippling in their houses during regular working hours, and, independent of the fine paid, with costs, we learn that their conduct will be represented next licence day; this evil practice cannot be too much deprecated, as we believe it is seriously injurious, not only to the masters, but to the sober and industrious class of their workmen, on account of the different branches of manufacture being so dependant on each other. A spirited. enforcement of the laws, we hope, will have the desired effect."


1815 notice issued by leading Pottery Manufacturers

1815 notice issued by leading Pottery Manufacturers

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