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Peel Street


terrace houses  "of a good class" each with its own front garden and back yard.


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photos: June 2001


| 1878 OS map of Peel Street |

Peel Street was named after Robert Peel, the leader of the Conservative Party, popular with the Liberals because he was responsible for the repeal of the Corn Laws. Streets were formed by the society which allocated building plots to members but it was their responsibility to construct the houses. Some building plots remained empty for years and were cultivated as allotment gardens. 
Virtually all the houses in Peel as in the adjoining streets were terrace houses  "of a good class” each with its own front garden and back yard. 
The occupiers of these houses in 1881 are listed in the census list for Peel Street
Thomas Cooper built a large villa at the end of the street probably because the site faced the Anglican Church of the Ressurection. The house was offered for sale in the Staffordshire Advertiser on 13 March 1869. It was demolished in the late 19th century and replaced by terrace houses.

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