Josiah Spode II (1754-1827) and The Mount Estate (Penkhull)



The 1834 Penkhull school



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The waste land or green in the middle of Penkhull village was originally occupied by a pond (see map on the introduction page). 

In 1834 largely on the initiative of Arthur Minton of Oakhill Hall a school was built on the south side of the pond. Apart from Arthur Minton the trustees of the new school included the rector of Stoke, John Tomlinson, the patron of Stoke church, and William Taylor Copeland, partner of Josiah Spode III, who took over the firm after Spode's death in 1829. 

In 1836 the school was licensed as a place of religious worship by the Bishop of Lichfield. 

The 1834 school
The 1834 school


The evidence below of the teachers in Penkhull church school is taken from the report by Samuel Scriven on the Employment of Children and Young Persons in the Staffordshire Potteries presented to the Royal Commission on Children's Employment in 1841.


No. 123. Ann Taylor, aged 24.- 

"I am one of the teachers of this establishment; have been teacher six years; have 48 girls on the books and 46 boys. The system of teaching is the National system, or Belt's. The books used are of a religious character, such as the Bible, Testament, Prayer. Mr. Godfrey, the curate, attends on Sunday mornings, and reads to them. The youngest child present is four years the oldest 16. They all go with the teachers to church service; they return to school in the afternoon, and are examined in their catechisms. No secular instruction of any kind is imparted. Think they make progress. I do not think that there is any perceptible difference between those who work in factories and those who do not. They are well conducted, cleanly, and respectable to us as teachers; there are some exceptions. They are regular in their attendance; frequently absent themselves on account of want of shoes and clothing. We have altogether nine teachers, male and female." 


The room is commodious, airy, well ventilated, and capable of containing comfortably 150.



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